Getting a Special Someone the Perfect Dungeons & Dragons Gift

Just in case the abundance of merchandise and steady transition to seasonal radio hadn’t caught your attention yet, it’s nearly Christmas. That’s a pretty big deal to some people. I’m not particularly fussed with the festivities myself, but I am ever willing to kneel before our corporate overlords and indulge in a little gift exchange. Earlier this year, I got my partner into Dungeons & Dragons for the first time, and she had some real fun with it. But I don’t think it is high enough on her priority list yet, so I went a looking at what our friends over at Wizards of the Coast had to offer for D&D Gifts a budding new player might be enticed by. So I sat down with her, ran her through the website, and got her ideas on what would be the perfect D&D gifts for anyone special in your life that’s just starting out.

(Everything below can be found on the Wizards Products website, even if the link doesn’t go there.)

The first big winner was anything dice related, like the UltraPro D&D Red Dragon Gamer Pouch. She has her own dice now, and getting those was a huge motivator for her to start playing. It gave her a part in the game, and they have foxes on them. But she has to transport them around in my (admittedly amazing) Monster High tin, which isn’t quite her aesthetic. But a soft adorable dragon that can eat her dice? Yes, that would do nicely. They come in a decent range of options for whatever people would fancy,

Yeah alright he’s pretty cool. Guess he gets a pass.

Next thing she seemed intrigued by was the card game Monster Mayhem. Maybe you know someone as evil at the core as my partner, who would enjoy annihilating foolish adventurers. The D&D board and card games are a sneaky way to familiarise someone with the universe of the game (one of them anyway) and can help them find the real game more palatable. If it’s their jam, you could go hard in with one of the more advanced games they do, but Monster Mayhem looks great for just about anyone. Silly fun, which is the best kind. I’ve been getting my mother and little brothers into tabletop roleplaying this year too, and a game like this would have been a perfect lead in for them too!

Also there’s an owlbear. Wizards know the true secret to marketing is owlbears.

The third idea we hooked onto was the Heroes’ Feast Cookbook. I actually got a peak at this earlier in the year at one of the hours long D&D Livestreams I stayed up all night watching. They made some of the meals from the book and I’ve got to say they looked pretty damn good. Given I do most the cooking in the house, were I to get this it’d likely be a sneaky gift for myself more than her, but we’d benefit as a unit. Maybe this one is less of a ‘lure them into D&D gift’ and more a ‘convince them to let you have D&D branded stuff on the shelf’ kind of gift, but I think that’s cool in and of itself.

There’s booze recipes in there that Wizards owe me after giving me cider free mulled juice for the streams.

The final gift idea for her, and the only one that made her drop what she was doing to scope out, is a set of dice. Now I did mention above she loves owning dice, and I think it’s the ultimate step to starting D&D to own a set. But uh, these aren’t dice. Not really. They’re a statement. Said statement is “I am a red dragon in human form, your dice sicken me. Behold, foolish mortals, the power of my shining D20 will fall from the heavens upon your unworthy eyes.” I am talking, for those unknowing, of the Sapphire Anniversary Dice Set. Rare is it that I regret doing an article, but I fear I may have set the bar too high by revealing the existence of these monsters to her. Shiny aluminium dice, brilliant blue details and oh, an oversized D20 with a LITERAL SAPPHIRE FOR A 20!

In hindsight I should have said it makes you feel like a sapphire dragon, but it doesn’t feel the same.

And look, I’m here to give you some ideas and little more, so I’m not listing the price of every item here like a glorified wish list. But for these bad boys I will make an exception. A cool 300USD. For dice. I cannot comprehend these things. So naturally, they appealed to her more than anything else. I have a set of metal dice, so this seemed like a reasonable next step. Mine were like fifty bucks at Jolt Games, my FLGS. I just cannot with these things. I’m secretly hoping she skips reading this article so she isn’t reminded of them. (This fancy dice set is actually made by an Australian company – Level Up Dice)

All in all, there’s a lot of great stuff out there to get someone further along the path towards joining you at the table. Might be worth just taking a gander at what they’ve got, there’s plenty of stuff for new and experienced players alike. Or go visit your local game stores if you’re allowed to at the moment, they need our love and support and stock pretty much all this stuff (except the dice, don’t think you’ll find those at Little Timmy’s Game Corner) and more. The hobbies ATGN report on are an excellent way to make new connections or strengthen existing ones, so maybe think of sharing your hobbies with the people you care about this year.

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