Gentlemen, I Am Not Leaving Without My Elephant – Yu-Gi-Oh! Fists of The Gadgets Set Review

Fists of The Gadgets is the newest side set release, featuring a bunch of legacy support for well-loved archetypes, reprints of those archetypes and some unrelated, but much appreciated reprints of other cards.

Let’s start with the most exciting stuff, the Fire Fist support. There are three new main deck monsters, a ritual monster, a fusion monster, two link monsters and a bunch of new Fire Formation spells and traps.

Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Ram is the least exciting of the new monsters, but has a few exciting synergies with cards like Fire Fist – Spirit and Rekindling. He’s essentially a better Leopard, as he doesn’t need to be tributed, has an effect that triggers when special summoned and has more than zero attack unlike Leopard.

Putting two bodies on the board without Fire Formation Tensu has always been a struggle for Fire Fist on the first turn. Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Panda solves that problem and so much more.  Triggered by simply activating a Fire Formation, he puts two bodies on the board immediately (triggering any Fire Fist summon exclusive effects) and has a secondary effect to protect your board. This is the kind of extender Fire Fist always needed to keep up with current decks. You play three of this guy, no question.

The most utterly insane addition is Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Eagle. Aside from allowing you to send a relevant target from deck to grave and cycle a Fire Formation card back into your hand from the field or grave, he makes all of your effects free. FREE. Cards like Tiger King and Dragon that summon monsters from deck or grave for hefty costs are now completely free while you control him. These cards aren’t hard once per turn because their costs made it unlikely you would have enough fuel for more than one or two effects. Now you can kill your own Tiger King, get two dragons for free and get two more monsters for free from the grave and MAKE ANOTHER TIGER KING. Talk about value town.

Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Elephant is actually insane, this card lets you get more bodies onto the board and searches Panda; the newest, best Fire Fist monster that leads to ridiculousness.  He also cycles stuff back into the deck, which Fire Fist really do want to do as they burn resources like crazy.

Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Eland is the lone Ritual monster who allows you to grab another formation for a discard but most importantly gives you access to a monster negate; an interaction the deck has sorely needed. Worth noting that after she dies you can bring her back for free with Dragon or Panda and continue pressuring your opponent with a couple of recurring negates.

Brotherhood of the Fire Fist -Swan feels a little mediocre, with only a battle phase interaction and some chip damage. However, he makes the cut by virtue of being easy to make with the fusion spell and allowing you to clean up your board’s small bodies to murder your opponent. 2600 and some burn damage is more often than not going to allow you to close the game with your pumped up Fire Fists.

Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Peacock is a cute girl that is a mini Borreload Dragon. It has a more narrow use case than other extra deck monsters, but considering how often you’ll get locked into Fire Fists she’s going to come up quite a bit.

The Fire Formation Ritual and Fusion spell (Domei and Ingen respectively) are both pretty cute, being very accessible and providing an additional effect when sent to the graveyard (either summoning back a monster or adding it to your hand). When that extra summon is a Dragon you’re having a really good time.  

Fire Fortress atop Liang Peak is like a bootleg Gateway of the Six Samurai, generating only half as many counters and being a bit harder to trigger the good effects. On the plus side, this is searchable, generates reasonable advantage and isn’t hard once per turn so you can repeatedly get free monsters (by activating more Peaks) or summon a big body like Heraklinos from your extra deck. When you consider how many Dragons we’re going to be spamming this is a much better card than it looks, with the average Tiger King loop or combo summoning a minimum of ten monsters easily.

Ultimate Fire Formation – Sinto is another great addition to the deck, being searchable off of Dragon and a bunch of other monsters. A free negate is always nice. You can also recycle it and use it again on the following turn with cards like Cardinal or Elephant.

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Gadgets get a couple of new cards, namely Boot-Up Corporal – Command Dynamo, Boot-Up Admiral – Destroyer Dynamo and Boot-up Order – Gear Charge.

Command Dynamo is your gadget extender that pairs nicely with Gear Charge and is also a Machine Duplication target (which is always relevant). Worth noting that his effect is hard once so when you dupe him you don’t get to equip more gadgets, but that doesn’t make him less than a three of in your gadget strategy.

Destroyer Dynamo is the archetype’s searchable boss monster that isn’t a hard once summon that protects itself and kills a card for free every turn. Not incredibly exciting but a durable card that can pretty easily stick around for a turn or two or be a pain to remove.

Boot-Up Order – Gear Charge is the new spell addition to the Gadget archetype, allowing you to summon all of your Command Dynamo equip spells and search Destroyer Dynamo every turn for a discard. This is a simple, strong card that you want to see as often as possible.

There’s also a bunch of Cyberse cards that snuck their way into this set, and some of them are really interesting.

Code Radiator is unfortunately difficult to get a hold of, but is a really powerful card. Being a sort of pseudo extender that can be used at material from hand it provides some great opportunities for the Cyberse deck. Furthermore, it puts a monster to zero attack, which is great for murdering you opponent or removing troublesome monsters in the grind game.

Defcon Bird is a neat little extender reminiscent of Backup Secretary, instead requiring a discard and having a cute secondary effect. I’d say he probably makes the cut eventually, as Backup Secretary is hard once per turn and you want as many unique extenders as possible.

Shootingcode Talker is probably my favourite of the new Cyberse cards, mainly because it says ‘draw cards when you kill things.’ Shootingcode Talker also gains additional attacks based on the number of monsters he points to, which is going to be one or two if you do it correctly, netting you up to three cards for absolutely nothing.

Lastly we’ve got a bunch of reprints, and this time around they’re pretty generous, although some have been short printed.

First we’ve got a reprint of The Hidden City, Subterror Fiendess and Subterror Final Battle. The Hidden City was really expensive for no reason, so this is pretty good news for Guru control fans.

The main Amorphage monsters, in particular Sloth and Goliath are in here, which is great news for people that like big floodgate dragons. Furthermore, reprints of Mythical Beast Master Cerberus and Chronograph Sorcerer are good news for pendulum players as these cards are vital to ensuring you can get on the board and make an Electrumite before you pendulum summon.

Starving Venom Fusion Dragon is in here too and was previously annoying to get a hold of considering it’s high demand thanks to Super Polymerization being unlimited.

Scrap Recycler is also in here, which is just great as it was one of the better ways to send Orcust Harp Horror to grave and hadn’t been printed in a very long time.

Overall, with this set you come for the Fire Fists, stay for the great reprints and pick up some cute Gadgets and Cyberse cards while you’re there.

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