Games Workshop – January Releases

A week ago or so, Games Workshop did it’s normal trick of throwing up a video with little to no information, to keep everyone guessing, and putting a date at the end. The normal course is they reveal what the video is hinting at, some new models or re-release or something like that.

Here is the video:

So what does that make you think of, if you haven’t already seen what they are going on about? Tyranids? Sounds about right.

I’ve managed to come across a list of the January released for Games Workshop, and in it we see a bunch of Tyranid stuff for 40k, such as new models and the new codex, including a Limited Edition of the Codex.



We also see some Hobbit models, coming out nice and fresh after the second Hobbit movie, that relate to that movie. We also see quite a few digital releases that are planned for the rest of the month. They are really getting into the digital releases now, since they are a lot more cost effective than the print books, cheap to make once, and don’t have to worry about them again, unlike the constant cost of having to keep printing books and all the shipping and so on.

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