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Fragged Empire Regions

Fragged Empire Regions Kickstarter Art

The newest instalment from the Fragged Empire RPG system is Regions – a set of three books which add new regions to the different settings which exist in the Fragged Empire universe.

NOTE: For those who aren’t aware, Fragged Empire was given setting expansions in 2017, which created three new ways to play the game in different genre styles. Fragged Aeternum gave the game a gothic soulsborne style setting, Fragged Kingdom gave the game a fantasy setting, and Fragged Seas gave the game a pirate on the high seas themed setting. These new settings came along with new rules and items, so for a bit more of a detailed breakdown check out my article on it here.

Fragged Empire Regions is split into three books, each of which correspond to a setting within the game.

  • Rachel Swagger’s Guide to Mishpacha is an expansion for the core game Fragged Empire.
  • Greyburgh Market is an expansion for the gothic soulsborne setting Fragged Aeternum.
  • Arcane Bay is an expansion for the fantasy setting Fragged Kingdom.

If you want to be able to play with these new books, you’re going to need a few extras:

  • Rachel Swagger’s Guide to Mishpacha only requires the core rule book (Fragged Empire).
  • Greyburgh Market requires the core rule book and Fragged Aeternum.
  • Arcane Bay requires the core rule book and Fragged Kingdom.

There’s a lot here. Each book has 164 pages, filled to the brim with new lore, maps, factions, NPC builds, new or modified rules, and some incredible art.

With all that out of the way, let’s get into the sweet, sweet content of each of the books!

Rachel Swagger’s Guide to Mishpacha

Mishpacha Artwork

The first thing you’ll notice once you get into this one, is that a large portion of the book is written in the voice of the Kaltoran Rachel Swagger – a character who is focused on a lot in the core book – and I must say it’s beautiful. She brings a lot of character to the entries, and makes you want to read more and more about each section of Mishpacha. This is a world with discarded tech overrun with local flora and fauna, and hidden outposts for you to find and explore.

Mishpacha Maps

If you ever want to know why I think Kaltorans are the cutest, funniest race in the known universe, it’s all Rachel Swagger’s fault.

What’s new?

  • The entire region of Mishpacha including locations around the planet, space stations, moons, and a monopoly belt.
  • Rules for Colonies and Minions.
  • NPC builds for Oni and Tolatl antagonists.
  • Info for races, racial traits, colony population, minion weapons and modifications
  • Example builds, items, and names for pretty much everything for your GM.

Of all the books, this is the one I’m most excited to play with (and will soon!) In my last article you may have noticed that I asked for more post-apoc sci-fi content, and well… my prayers have been answered. I love the way this one is written, and the region of Mishpacha was always one I’ve been keenly interested in learning more about. Colonies sound like an amazingly fun mechanic, and I can’t wait to explore the world, scavenge, and build with what I find.

Greyburgh Market

Greyburgh Market Artwork

When I first opened this book, I accidentally opened it to a page entitled Apex Predators and Beasts. That should tell you what you need to know. …ok, maybe it doesn’t, so let me tell you. THERE ARE MONSTERS AND THEY ARE AMAZING AND SCARY ALL AT ONCE. If you’ve been looking for a dingy gothic market town with mystery and misdeeds aplenty to sink your teeth into, then Greyburgh market is the place for you. There’s a whole chapter on corruption and madness. If that doesn’t sell it to you, you’re a lost cause.

What’s new?

  • Locations within the Greyburgh Market, including maps and all the details your GM will need.
  • Magic guides.
  • Nature and local beasts guides.
  • Corruption and Madness rules.
  • Antagonist races – faeries, mimics, drachengier, undead, gobblers.
  • NPC builds with traits and variations.
  • New gothic-fantasy based weapons.

The exhaustive list of locations within this region have me really excited, I won’t lie. Main streets, farm estates, local rivers, palaces, shores, plazas, parks, libraries, theatres… everything you would ever want in a bustling market city is right here for you! I’ve personally undergone building a world like this, and it was a daunting task. It doesn’t surprise me in the least just how big this book is, purely on that alone.

Arcane Bay

Arcane Bay Artwork

The first thing I jumped to when I opened this book was the Magic guide, which breaks down magic into types and explains the mechanics of each. This is the same magic that is described in more detail in the Kingdom book, but it’s great as a quick go-to reference for what each kind of magic can do. Magic in the Fragged Empire system has intrigued me, but I haven’t really given it enough of a go to really tell you how it’ll fare. It definitely looks promising, though!

What’s new?

  • Four major locations within Arcane Bay.
  • Magic guide for five major types of magic.
  • Multiple factions, including royal houses, monk orders, cults, and tribes.
  • Antagonist races including Chompers, Giants, and Trolls.
  • NPC traits and variations.
  • New fantasy and magic based weapons.

This is personally my least favourite of the three, but only because it’s focused on fantasy and I get enough of that in other game systems. This is still an amazing book with a terrifyingly high amount of detail. The locations and maps are filled with juicy content for your campaign, and the magic guide makes for really cool game flow within the 3D6 game system. I can absolutely see myself getting lost in the lore and the flavour of the King’s Alliance Houses (there are 19 in total!) and all the inter-political craziness that comes with it.

Final Thoughts

Cover Art for all three books

I’m in love with these books. They give some much needed lore and detail to the expansion universes, and Mishpacha adds so much flavour to the original world that I’ve stopped writing this article no less than six times to jot down campaign ideas for my next Fragged Empire run. The example build sections in each book really help you get into the swing of things quickly as a GM, and if – like me – you enjoy building in detail to a world your players might not even get to see for months and months, then you’ll very quickly lose entire weekends to these tomes.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an entire weekend to lose.

If you’d like to pick these books up, hit up the Kickstarter campaign here.

Until next time.

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