Force of Will: Ancient Nights Box Opening!

This week I crack open a box of Ancient Nights, the latest Force of Will set! This box was generously provided by OzAnimart for us to review! Ancient Nights has introduced some new game mechanics, and many cards to support the starter decks released recently. In the coming weeks, I’ll be providing updates to all 5 starter decks.


The rarities have been distributed differently compared to the previous cluster. Now we receive one rare and one “full art” per booster, and a possible “secret rare.” This promotes a healthy secondary market for the set by bringing value to the higher rarity. Many cards considered staples are still printed in the uncommon slot, meaning it isn’t a difficult buy-in for new players looking for play sets. I rate this change very highly, and in the video I count how many “secret rare” cards come from a single box.

In the discussion of the rares and full arts that were pulled, I cover some unique combinations and the importance of some cards to the meta, or to particular decks. One combo I discuss is “Tia Letoliel, Archer Princess of Elves”, and her partner resonator “Tia’s White Falcon.”  This gives a player purpose to play high volume of ramp, like Sacred Elf, Melfee, Absolute Awareness, and Magic Stone Analysis, as you can then “go over the top” by burning the opponent’s life total! It has removal built into the combination, provided you play Tia’s White Falcon immediately after her. I think this is a great combination for a deck to build around, and is tailored to those who enjoy the ramp mechanic! If abundant resources appeal to you, consider these cards and Tia as your finisher!

Conjure Constructs is briefly discussed as it is incredibly important to one of Ancient Nights Rulers, Pandora! Pandora requires you to have three golems on your field to cast Judgment, and Conjure Constructs fulfils that requirement in one card. You can additionally combo this card with Ultimate Magic Warrior, Gear Atmos. This means for the price of 2 cards, and 3 Will, you can have a 2000/2000 resonator who destroys another resonator your opponent controls. I think both of these cards should be considered in Pandora, and will define the deck nicely!

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Gem Blade Emerald is another archetype-defining card opened, and luckily in full art, in the video. It pairs with Shin-shin & Rei-Rei, Acrobatic Twins as you can combo out a wide board, and then finally recover your Magic Stones! This plays well with the starter deck ruler Taegrus Pearlshine who introduced gems as a resource. The general strategy is to slowly generate Light gems while having a Wind gem, to then spend them with the Acrobatic Twins. This is a great deck for those who enjoy the combo archetype, assembling a puzzle with many pieces to create a game winning board state!

Millennia Bond is the buy-a-box promo card, and I’ll be giving it away to one of the viewers. All you need to do is type “Enter me!” in the comment section. This competition closes 1st October and is open to Australian residents only.


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