For The Throne! A Warhammer: Killteam Campaign, Part 0

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Harrison here with the first (technically) part of hopefully an ongoing series. Over the past couple of months I have been dabbling and picking up a few games of the skirmish version of Warhammer 40,000, Killteam. While I really enjoy playing the game, I never really had enough time to actually sit down and play a full campaign. However, I finally bit the bullet and set up for an extended campaign with my good friend Harry (no relation).

Killteam Nicodemus of the Deathwatch Chapter, drawn from the four corners of the Imperium.

I would be bringing the heroic Deathwatch Chapter to the campaign, noble Space Marines dedicated to eliminating the Xenos scourge. As soon as I heard that Killteam would be rebooted – over a year ago now, I believe – I knew I wanted to be playing Deathwatch. Each model has unique and different wargear, so I would be able to inject a huge amount of character into each mini. I managed to pick up a Start Collecting! Deathwatch box and move the Dreadnought and Captain included in the box on separately, which provided me with a relatively cheap entry as well.

As my foe for this campaign would be running Adeptus Mechanicus models, we had to come up with a justification for two Imperial sides to be clashing with each other. Luckily, the setting of the Warhammer universe makes that fairly easy, as I decided that the Inquisition had received reports that a Mechanicum forgeworld had been dabbling with xenotech. From there, a Deathwatch Killteam had been dispatched to investigate these rumors and respond … accordingly. We then decided that the first mission we would play would be Ambush, which fit well with our overarching narrative.

Heroes of the Imperium … Hiding in cover like men.

Deployment for the first turn was pretty well dictated by the terrain setup. Huddle in cover for the first round of shooting, then attempt to bust out and push through and escape off the back table edge. With the Mechanicum taking Initiative, I was justified in hiding, as the first round of shooting was unable to take any of my models off the board. However, a nifty use of Command Points gave me an opportunity to wipe the Transuranic Arquebus off the table, which was a huge relief. The giant sniper rifle is the biggest threat to my Space Marines, as it very rarely fails to wound if it can draw line of sight.

Is that a power maul in your hand, or are you just happy to see me?

One of my personal favourite models in the Killteam is the Black Shield. A disgraced Marine attoning for their failure through service, the Black Shield is unique in a Deathwatch Killteam and is an absolute monster in combat. With an aggressive run move and taking advantage of the re-rolls to charge rule that Black Shields bring, I was able to get into combat on the second turn and begin cleaning up Skitarii. However, some uncomfortable rolling left my boy tied up in combat against a single model, which is definitely not the most effective use of a 21-point mini.

On the other side of the table, two of my Marines were cleaned up in short order. The special weaponry of the Skitarii, backed up by a Communications specialist to bump up hit rolls proved too effective. However, the frag-cannon toting Heavy Gunner was able to pop out and hose down the filthy heretics, taking revenge for his fallen comrades.

I’m here to kill heretics and chew bubblegum. And we haven’t had bubblegum since the Horus Heresy!

However, despite the best efforts of the Deathwatch, all of my Marines were bogged down almost a clear 12 inches from the back board edge. While I was able to reduce the Mechanicum side to only two models, I was unable to win the actual mission.

Between a combi-plasma and a power maul …

After I conceded defeat to the game length and we shook hands, Harry and I (no relation) sat down and actually took a detailed look at the Killteam campaign rules. It turns out that while the game we played and the teams we brought were technically within the rules, we had both screwed ourselves in terms of advancing and playing the campaign. We agreed to write this game up as a practice, and start properly next session.

Thank you for reading ladies and gentlemen, and I look forward to providing you with the proper Episode 1 of my Killteam campaign!

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