Exclusive Preview – New Rule & Make Products On Their Way!


While at the Epic Diem event on Saturday I managed to catch up with Allen (Co-Founder of Rule & Make) and get an exclusive sneak preview of some of the exciting new products on their way to a local gaming store near you.  If you haven’t already gotten a look at the existing product range from Rule & Make (Specifically their Tournament Card Case) then you may not quite understand why this is so exciting.  Rule & Make make some of the highest quality storage devices for tabletop gaming and better yet, they are based right here in Queensland.  Check out the rest of the article for exclusive photographs and information to their upcoming line of product.

Before we get into the meat of this article I really must stress a single point, the products described and pictures below do not represent the final product.  Many of these products are in early “Alpha” stage and some where literally straight off the workbench.  Once prototyping has been completed you can sure that the finished product off the assembly line will be of the same high standard seen in other Rule & Make products.


The three new ‘Science Fiction’ styled box covers.


The first thing I got to take a look at was the new ‘Science Fiction’ styled covers for the existing Tournament Card Case.  While not officially designed for Android: Netrunner (or licensed by) they certain look the part.  Sharp, bold, almost electric lines of colour run across the cover with the front and back detailing an elaborate ‘tech’ styled pattern.  Incidentally these sold while I was at the Rule & Makes stand photographing them, lucky I got there when I did!


Inside the new ‘Science Fiction’ themed cover.


Peeling open the ‘Science Fiction’ cover we get a look at the new fabric lined interior.  Silver lining defining play space areas and the side panel for keeping track of life, credits and the like.  I’m not certain at this stage but I believe these covers will be available separately for those who already have a Tournament Card Case, or if you haven’t already taken the plunge you can pickup the entire thing for the same price as the regular Tournament Card Case.


The prestigious ‘Leather Tournament Card Case’. Drool.

When Allen pulled out the next item he had to chase after me as I was prepared to dash off with it.  The Leather Tournament Card Case has been whispered and rumoured about in the dark corners of gaming stores everywhere for a while now and I finally managed to hold it in my hands.  You’d have tried to run off with it as well no doubt.  Bound in high quality leather that will survive longer than you do, this masterpiece is the Holy Grail for card based tabletop gaming.  Allen informs me that the final product will also include a gold plate engraved with the owners name attached to the front of the case.


Felt lined interior of the Leather Tournament Card Case.

Flipping open the cover of the Leather Tournament Card Case we see a continuation of the gold motif and a luxurious felt play area.
I can’t wait to smear my cards all over it’s surface.  Allen informed me that the case itself will also be redone in leather and felt creating a truly amazing storage solution for card players.  At this stage though the plan is to only have these cases as prize support for major tournaments.  I’ve been begging Allen to make these publicly available but he’s concerned that the steep price tag (Likely to be around the $200 AUD mark) would put off a lot of buyers.  I disagree.  I think if you are serious about cards and are going to spend (often thousands of) dollars on your favourite game, storing that game in something that is going to last a lifetime will easily be worth that kind of price tag.   How about you? Is $200 a fair price for something of this quality? Comments below.


The ‘Customisable’ Tournament Card Case Cover.

Next up was something that I’ve heard quite a number of people requesting.  A cover that allows for the owner to insert their own artwork.  Using a high quality mat vinyl the inside of the cover consists of 4 pockets.  The larger of the two are conveniently A4.  This is going to be so amazing on a number of levels.  Card players will be changing up their covers to their favourite artwork every other week while those who play more complicated games might want to fill the pockets with rules sheets.  I can see this particular cover becoming VERY popular and will not doubt help make the Tournament Card Case an even more desired product.


Netrunner Click Trackers.

Moving away from the Tournament Card Case products, Rule & Make have released an unofficial Android: Netrunner click tracker to tie in with their new ‘Science Fiction’ Tournament Card Case.  Great for those who didn’t manage to snag a set of acrylic click tokens at their local regional event.  Our own  Kuso from BTGN snagged a set of these very well priced tokens for his Netrunner game.  It’s great to see Rule & Make expand beyond just storage options and I’m very excited to see what other ideas they cook up in the future.  These should be available for purchase in gaming stores very soon.


Early Alpha ‘Box Organization System’.

Ever opened up a Fantasy Flight Board game and quickly realised that you are going to need a tackle box or something similar to store the multitude of tokens, plastic figures and other assorted bits and pieces in?  The guys at Rule & Make have and are in the early stages of developing a solution for this.  There is a couple of ideas brewing, one being specific kits for specific games, as illustrated by the Sparticus box in the photograph above and the other being a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach as hinted by the other box.  The preference at this stage is to lean towards the specific kits for specific boxes, which makes sense as it allows the layout to be absolutely perfect for that game.  It’s made out of foam core so it’s cheap and durable.  No word on a release date for this stuff yet, but it’s great to see Rule & Make pushing into new territory and brimming with cool ideas.

Expect to see some of these product on the Rule & Make website soon and hopefully in stores as well.  Don’t forget you can also follow Rule & Make on Facebook as the guys often make posts showing upcoming products and ideas.

Hope you enjoyed this exclusive sneak preview and we hope to bring you more of Rule & Make products in the future.


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