Even More Mayhem…from Monsters!

About a year ago (from time of writing), I reviewed a little game from Wizards of the Coast called Dungeon Mayhem. A small, up to four person PvP game where the players beat each other up with characters from the RPG.

Since then, there has been one expansion, introducing two characters from Baldur’s Gate. Featured are the shapeshifting Druid Jaheira and the Ranger Minsc (and Boo too!). However, this didn’t change the base game at all, only added the two new characters.

Due to be released mid February is another expansion though, a much bigger one. In Dungeon Mayhem: Monster Madness we will have access to six new characters, all iconic monsters from the Dungeons & Dragons universe. This expansion also brings in up to six players, instead of a maximum of four. It also has new Mighty Powers for the other characters that already exist, bringing in new options for players. It also includes a big box, so all the cards from the main game and other expansion fit into the one, for easier storage and transport.

The new monster characters are:

  • Monster Madness

Monster Madness also includes all new art by Cam Kendall.

Australian-based Imaginary Adventures currently has it up for pre-order, check it out here.

Don’t have the base game or the first expansion yet? Head over to our friends at Vault Games and grab them now.

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