Dungeons & Dragons – Post Stream of Annihilation Content & Competition

We hope  you have been enjoying the Stream of Annihilation.  If you didn’t catch today’s stream (3am-3pm AEST) don’t fret as the stream is back tomorrow at the same time. Meanwhile we have some fantastic content of our own to share with you.

First up is the very first episode of a (hopefully) ongoing series of videos entitled ‘The GM’s Toolkit’ hosted by our very own Marat.  In our first episode he’s joined by our own Sarah and special guest David ‘Dungeon Dave’ Harmon from Dragon Friends who are appearing on the Stream of Annihilation this weekend.

Thanks to Wizards of the Coast we also have some Dungeons & Dragons goodies to give away –

Volo’s Guide to Monsters (Alternative Cover / Limited Edition)
Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide
Tomb of Horrors Cloth Map (Exclusive Promotional Item)
Dungeons & Dragons Stickers
2x Neverwinter MMORPG Owlbear mount (Tiger stripes for PC, Green for Xbox)

Total RRP: $119.90

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Of which we are going to split into two prize kits –

Kit A – Volo’s Guide to Monsters (Alternative Cover / Limited Edition), Dungeons & Dragons Stickers and a Neverwinter MMORPG mount.

Kit B – Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, Tomb of Horrors Cloth Map (Exclusive Promotional Item) and a Neverwinter MMORPG mount.

How do you win this delicious swag? Simply post in the comments below one of the following –

  • A brand new 5th Edition creature.
  • A brand new 5th Edition magic item.
  • Your 5th Edition home rule.
  • Best advice for Dungeon Masters.
  • A short scenario synopsis.

Make sure you also mention which prize kit you would like and ensure you use a legitimate email in the appropriate field when leaving a comment (Don’t worry only we can see it) so we can contact you if you win.  This competition closes midnight Saturday 10th of June 2017 (AEST) and is open to Australian residents only. We’ll have our resident 5th Edition expert Ivan go over the entries and pick two winners who will be notified via email.

You’re welcome to enter twice (once for each prize kit), if you enter a third or more time we appreciate the tips but we wont consider them for the purposes of this competition, so make sure your first entry (or two) are amazing!

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