Dragon Shield Sleeves : A Product Review

Hello ladies and gents, Harrison here with a product review for you!

Now, Dragon Shield is a sleeve brand that needs no introduction to anyone familiar with Magic: The Gathering sleeves, as they usually compete with KMC sleeves for the title of ‘The Best Sleeves’. And Dragon Shield, in my mind, reigns supreme.

Dragon Shield sleeves come in two different flavours; Regular and Matte. They also come supplied in Small – to fit JTCGs such as Yu-Gi-Oh! – and Standard, which fits MTG and Pokemon products. We were lucky enough at ATGN to receive a box of Dragon Shield Matte Red Standard sleeves, which I promptly snagged and used to sleeve up my new U/R Eldrazi Control deck (which will be the subject of a future article, watch this space!).

Dragonshield Matte Red

DS sleeves are known for their great quality and texture. I took my freshly sleeved deck along with me to a competition this past weekend and they performed admirably. Now, I am very harsh on my sleeves, and I normally expect some amount of bent corners and maybe a split or two. But, after four gruelling rounds of Swiss, I didn’t have a single split!

This is the post tournament shot!

This is the post tournament shot!

And the last thing to do, seeing as DS sleeves come in packs of 100, was to take a couple and put them through some ‘stress tests’. And by that, I mean that I took a handful of sleeves and chucked them – with some commons that ‘volunteered’ – into water to see how well they held up.

The first test I decided to do was going to be an unfair test, where I would literally soak them underwater.

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Now, while it is a little difficult to see from those images, the cards were fully underwater for a good ten seconds. Again, it is a little difficult to see, but none of the cards escaped intact, all of them having some warping at the top and corners, where the water got into the sleeve. However, none of them were actually ruined, one of them escaping with what I would called ‘Moderately Played’ condition, and the rest being ‘Heavily Played’ or ‘Damaged’. Now, having done an unrealistic test – if your cards are submerged for ten seconds, no sleeves on Earth are going to save you – I wanted to do a more realistic test of what might happen at a gaming table, which is a drink getting knocked over and spilling onto the sleeves.

So a werewolf, a vampire and a zombie walk into a bar...

So a werewolf, a vampire and a zombie walk into a bar…

And for this little test, I actually took some (pretty terrible) video of it!



As you can see, with a – decent sized – splash, the card escaped relatively intact. While some damage was done (which is why you should always leave drinks on the floor!) the sleeve did a solid job of protecting the card.

To wrap up this little review ladies and gentlemen, Dragon Shield sleeves are fantastic. They are sturdy, come in a wide range of colours and finishes, including (my personal favourite) the Mattes, and do a good job of protecting your cards from not only play damage, but also water damage! Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time.



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