To Draft or Not to Draft

Tarmogoyf-Modern-Masters-2015-SpoilerMay was quite the month for Magic and its fans. Modern Masters 2015 edition was finally released after a long wait by players dying for a chance to find a way into modern without costing them an arm and a leg. Though players have had their mouths watering since Tarmogoyf was spoiled, the latest edition of the all-reprint set came with mixed reviews and quite a bit of controversy over damaged cards and possibly faulty packaging.

However, Modern Masters wouldn’t be the only controversy in Magic last month. The correlating Grand Prix held in Vegas would follow suit with what is now being called “goyfgate.” To set the scene: it’s top 8 of one of the largest magic events in history, you’re Pascal Maynard and you’re drafting a very well built RW deck, you crack the seal on pack 2 and boom, burst lightning is staring you in the face. But wait, what’s the green foil Nicolas Cage sitting at the tail end of the pack, it can’t be, it is! It’s shiny new Tarmogoyf out of nowhere. You have one minute to decide, take the $350 card that won’t be played in your deck, or the common that is the perfect fit to catapult you into magic history. Time’s up! Did you pick the goyf? If yes, then you and Maynard think alike!
(Editors Note: ‘Nicolas Cage’ is actually a very odd iOS typo and was suppose to read simply ‘God’.  The fact that it changed God to Nicolas Cage is so awesome we decided to leave it in the article.)

10906280_10153036467836499_9193141430393744288_nMaynard sacrificed a very versatile spell for the sake of a very expensive card, and can you really blame him? Well apparently quite a few people can. Hall of famer William “Huey” Jensen took to twitter stating, “I just lost all respect for Pascal Maynard.” Jensen wasn’t alone in bashing the decision to go for the money; Owen Turtenwald joined in on the twitter hate telling Pascal, “You disgust me.” Pascal didn’t seem too worried about their opinions though. Looking to sell the card, he responded to both pros by asking “interested?” with a picture of the foil mythic. The animosity and energy soon wore off and both Turtenwald and Jensen both issued apologies via twitter, stating the words they used were in poor taste, although both still believe in the sportsmanship of the game rather than money.

burst_lightningThe following day Pascal posted a facebook status addressing everything that had been going on. In his status Maynard discussed why he drafted how he did and that it was a split-second decision considering that the value of the goyf would allow him to fly to more GPs for the ultimate goal of more Magic (full post below). In the end Maynard did decide that ultimately picking the goyf from a player’s aspect was the wrong decision but says he would do it again just for the entertainment that it brought. Financially speaking though, the Tarmogoyf was the right call, not long after this debacle Pascal placed the card up for sale on ebay declaring half of the selling price will be donated to Gamers Helping Gamers and as of the writing of this article the sale price sits at a whopping $16,000. Links to the auction and charity can be found below. Now the question is, if you were playing for top 8 of one of the largest M:tG events ever, would you pick or pass the foil Tarmogoyf? Leave your answers in the comments, and until next time, keep playing.


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