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Traditional gaming, including RPGs and board games, has been increasing in popularity over the last 10 years. As more people get into the hobby, they want to have all the fancy accessories that go along with that hobby. Dice are one of those accessories, and are a massive market these days. There are sets of dice that can cost thousands of dollars. And if you have dice like that, you can’t just toss them out on any old table top. You have to have a nice dice tray to roll them in. Thankfully The Tray Tinker has us covered now.

Australian based company The Tray Tinker offers, as the name suggests, dice trays. They are handcrafted using locally and sustainably sourced Tasmanian Oak. The trays are very customisable off the bat, with four choices of shape, two choices of wood colour and seven choices of fabric, with a multitude of colours between them. There is enough there to keep anyone happy with choice. But if you require something specific, they can custom make trays too.

The gracious folks over at The Tray Tinker kindly sent us three of their trays to have a look at and test out. We received:

  • A rectangular tray with Sargent plush velvet and a natural finish.
  • A square tray with Scarlet crushed velvet and a walnut stain finish.
  • A hexagon tray with Topaz luxe velvet and a walnut stain finish.

We also received one of their printed bags that come with all trays, to store and protect the tray when not in use. If one of that extensive range doesn’t suit you, then you are welcome to communicate with them to commission a custom piece. 

The construction quality of these dice trays is where they really shine. As I mentioned earlier, each dice tray is hard crafted. When you order a tray, it’ll take about a week before it gets shipped, as they are lovingly crafting the tray for you, by hand, to order. Can’t get much better than that. All the joins are perfect, the pieces of wood are cut exactly and fitted very accurately. The material on the base has been glued well, with no wrinkles or bulges. There is not a drop of glue and rough edge in sight. I have a dice tray/tower combo that costs over three times as much as one of these trays, and isn’t nearly constructed as well.

I’ve thrown many dice onto many surfaces over the years, including a lot of dice trays. I have a few already, of varying quality. These are, by far, the best I’ve used so far. There is a little air gap between the base plate and the table top. This can help dampen rolling noise from heavier dice, such as a metal set. Of the three material types I have tried, all receive dice well, and don’t inhibit rolling. I thought the luxe might affect rolls, as it has a thicker pile to it, making it feel softer, but everything rolled fine. As there is no padding or material on the sides of the tray, I would be hesitant to roll delicate dice, such as glass or gemstone, but plastic, resin and metal all work well.

When I took the trays to a couple of game sessions, my friends quite liked them. They, like me, admired the high quality of construction and of the components used. No one yet has disliked them. When asked about the price, everyone said the price tag was reasonable, considering the hand crafted nature.

Glass dice and fountain pen not included

If I were to change anything about these trays, it would only be to add more. I would like to see a bigger, chunkier version. Something with a real heft, something that could take the might of the Giant Chrome D20 without blinking. And I would like to see some branding on the trays. With something this cool, I would like others to know about it. It would be awesome to see a small metal plaque tacked to one side. If not that, then maybe an engraving, or burnt in brand. People who see these trays should immediately know who makes them, so they can go and get their own.

If, like me, you enjoy dice in all their forms, then a great quality dice tray is something that you should also have. The Tray Tinker absolutely provides a worthy option into that field. Go check them out.

The Tray Tinker Website – Facebook – Instagram

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