One of the benefits of playing card games can be the social factor that is very often associated with them. I remember playing massive multiplayer games in Magic: the Gathering, sometimes upwards of 20 people. The downside of a few of the Living Card Games Fantasy Flight Games make is that those few have no official multiplayer rules. For example, Call of Cthulhu has been around for many years, but there are no official multiplayer rules. Some of the LCGs that didn’t have multiplayer rules from the start have received expansions that have put the rules into the game, such as Warhammer Invasion. Now Star Wars – the Card Game is the latest to receive an expansion that introduces multiplayer into the rules officially.

The new deluxe expansion is called ‘Balance of the Force’, and it offers more than on might initially think. There are not one, but two new multiplayer modes that will be available out of the box.

The first mode is somewhat similar to the Two-Headed Giant variant of MtG. Two players team up with each other to battle an opposing team, each side representing a side of the Force. New team play rules allow you to share resources, support your teammate’s assaults, bolster defenses, and make use of the existing card pool in surprising new ways.

The second mode is a little more interesting sounding. I don’t know if anyone remembers the ‘raid’ decks that came out with the World of Warcraft card game, or the Vanguard expansion for MtG, but it is similar to those. There will be two challenge decks, one for each side of the Force. These decks are special story driven decks where scenarios are crated so that a single player will go against two or three other players.

Here on this announcement page, there is a very good look into the Dark Side challenge deck, Jerjerrod’s Task. Since I don’t play this game, I don’t really understand quite what the cards are going on about, but I’m sure someone who knows the game would know what it is all about. The next preview of this upcoming expansion will look at the Light Side challenge deck, if you are more interested in that side.

I’m sure these new rules will add a nice good shake up to the current game, so be pre-paied everyone, and get in the battle.


P.S. – As a special little side note, I am quite happy to say that this is my 100th article. Woo! I might consider myself prolific, at least in a very limited sense to this site only. But still…100 posts! Yay! If I had a small flag, I would be waving it right now.

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