D&D Live 2020 – Dice, Tankards, and Juice!

If you caught up with Ryan’s article or saw any of the posts we made on our social media you’ll be aware that the D&D Live 2020 Roll W/Advantage event is taking place this weekend.

Tune in and watch a number of folk (mainly celebrities) playing Dungeons & Dragons mostly for the first time. Wizards of the Coast are working with Red Nose Day to raise funds via this event. So aside from watching the stream and having fun you can also buy a Snowy Owlbear t-shirt to help out charity.

In preparation for the event Wizards of the Coast sent a number of folks (including ATGN) a mysterious box.

What was in the box? Glad you asked! You can check out our short unboxing video right here –

I must admit I was a little confused when I first opened the box but upon spotting the tankard everything made sense. The idea here is to brew up a tasty (non alcoholic) Dwarven Mulled Apple Juice to drink while watching the live stream, nibble on a nutritious oatcake, and roll your fancy dice.

While we sadly can’t hand out our own dice and tankards to everyone, we can share the recipe sheet for the Mulled Apple Juice so you too can enjoy a tasty beverage while watching the show.

While most of us will be likely watching the stream as a VOD replay, Ryan has lined up a few of his friends to stay up with him and watch the shows live so keep an eye out for him.

If you’re looking for more information regarding the D&D Live 2020 even head on over to the official website here – https://dnd.wizards.com/dndlive2020

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