Crawlr. Like Tinder but for Tabletop Roleplayers.

Since 2012 folks have been using Tinder to meet up for dates or to simply ‘hook up’. A neat idea in a busy world filled with technology, making it easy to meet like-minded folks. If only it were so easy to find other tabletop roleplayers nearby.

Getting a group together can be an arduous task, and for a while now we’ve been using Facebook Groups like this in order to get the job done. But what if there was an app like Tinder that allowed you to find other players in your immediate area looking for a game?

Well, wonder no longer and let me introduce you to Crawlr, a thesis project developed by Jackie Zantow and currently in beta testing. The platform shot up from 18 users after a post made it to Reddit. After 24 hours they’re now floating around the 10k member mark.

It’s not just for Americans either, with the most recent update including postal codes for the UK, Canada, and Australia, with no doubt more on the way.

Presently Crawlr is a web-based application so you should be able to access it from any mobile device as well as desktop machines. Head over to the official website, sign up, and get some dice on a table near you.

Official Website –

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