Cold Dice in the Dark

By now, a lot of people know about PolyHero Dice. They are a company who design and sell interesting dice based on character types from your typical fantasy setting. First we had the Warrior set. It contained sculpted dice based on a melee based warrior, with such things as a sword, gauntlets, a helmet and a shield. The next set of dice were the magic user, the Wizard dice. In that set, we got the Wizard’s hat, fireballs, magic missiles and mana potions. I did an article on those, too. The newest set, which I just recently received through Kickstarter, is the Rogue Set. 

It contains the normal seven dice for any respectable polyhedral set, but of course, with a roguish theme. 

In this set, we have:

  • D4 – Dagger
  • D6 – Poison bottle
  • D8 – Crossbow Bolt
  • D10 (and percentile) – Loot Bags
  • D12 – Jewel
  • D20 – Powder Keg

In addition to those, we also got the “Burglar’s Bundle” stretch goal, which consists of – 

  • D2 – Skeleton Key
  • D3 – Grappling Hook
  • D4 – Rope Bundle

I also bought the Level Up pack, which also gave me a D20 Lock & Pick set, and Gem D20. As you can see from the picture below, my padlock is slightly broken. It arrived that way, and I have already requested a replacement. To use the lock, you spin the pick like a top, and it will eventually come to a stop, and show a number through the view port.

There can be an inherant problem that dice of certain shapes have. Like the Hat of the Wizard set, the D20 jewel suffers the same. It has too many sides to land on for the size of the die. This it hard to define which side it has handed on. In the pic below, the jewel could be on either 7, 10 or 3.

One comment I made about the last set, was about the quality of the dice molding. The set of Wizard dice I got wasn’t great. This could have been due to PolyHero using a different manufacturer from who they used for their first set, so hadn’t ironed out all the bugs by that time. However, I am happy with the quality of the dice this time. Some of that may be due to the colour choice of this, the swirled pearl type colour could hide some flaws compared to the clear pink I had from the previous set. In saying that, there is a fairly significant crease, or maybe crack, in the underside of my D20 gem, which is a clear red colour. But overall, I am happy with the construction of the Rogue set. 

After the Wizard set,came out, PolyHero had a poll to see which set would come next. It was between the Rogue Set and a Cleric set. Since the Rogue set was chosen, maybe the next set will be the Cleric set, or perhaps there will be a new poll with two new sets. Only time will tell.

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