Chronos Protocol – Video Commentary (Brisbane 1v4)

Chronos Protocol Fat Loots

Chronos Protocol Fat Loots

Howdy Netrunner Fans

Brace yourself for the spectacle of ATGN Netrunner videos with commentary! The Chronos Protocol in Brisbane was a massive tournament by local standards with 25 players dueling it out. Such a great event deserves some great coverage and you will find this video enhanced with sound effects and animation as we continue to experiment with new ideas. Our goal is not only to inform players from all over Australia and the world of what is happening in our tiny pocket of gaming but also to entertain, so we would love to hear your feedback and most importantly stay tuned for the next round, coming soon.

Top 4 Cut: 1 v 4 (Round 1)

Top 4 Cut: 1 v 4 (Round 2)

Thanks for watching!

Andru R.

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