Cats Brave Blizzard and Annihilate Chicago – Yu-Gi-Oh! Legendary Duelists: Sisters of the Rose Set Review

Legendary Duelists: Sisters of the Rose is a set that flew under everyone’s radar earlier this year thanks to its reputation as an ongoing series of legacy support for decks that have never been particularly relevant. But oh boy, we were wrong. Very wrong.

With a few new cards from this set Lunalight went from zero major event success to winning a YCS out of nowhere. Let’s look at what these cards contributed to the strategy and some of the other cards you can find in this set.

Starting with probably my favourite addition to the Lunalight strategy is Lunalight Serenade Dance, a searchable trap card with a really powerful effect to summon from your deck. Raphael Neven’s winning list played a copy of this card in conjunction with Foolish Burial Goods, allowing Goods to turn itself into a Lunalight monster from your deck at the cost of an additional card. Furthermore, Serenade Dance doesn’t discard as cost so it can trigger some of the other Lunalight monsters and doesn’t hurt you if your opponent activates Ash Blossom.

Lunalight Emerald Bird is one of these monsters and is another addition to the deck that virtually always makes the cut. On summon Emerald Bird allows you to send a Lunalight card to the grave to draw a card (again, not as cost). Emerald Bird’s second effect is probably the most relevant one, allowing you to summon a monster from your graveyard or banish pile and negate its effects. We like free bodies on the board.

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Lunalight Yellow Marten is the last new addition from this set that was seen in Raphael’s YCS list, and boy is it a doozy. With a similar first effect to Zephyros the Elite (although only able to bounce Lunalight cards), it has some insane synergy with Lunalight Tiger. You can activate Tiger as a pendulum scale, summon a monster using its effect and then return it to hand using Yellow Marten and do it again. That sounds fair, right? Yellow Marten has a second effect on top of all this nonsense; it allows you to search a Lunalight Spell or Trap from your deck when it is sent to the grave by a card effect, which means you can fetch out your Lunalight Serenade Dance or possibly even Lunalight Fusion. Very important to note that Luna Light Perfume is not a Lunalight card so don’t go getting any ideas.

Although it didn’t make it into Raphael’s list, Lunalight Fusion is a very powerful card that allows you to use a monster from your deck or extra deck if your opponent controls a monster from the extra deck. A little bit like Shaddoll Fusion. Actually a lot like Shaddoll Fusion, it even triggers all of their grave effects. This card can probably make the cut if you want it to, but would merit playing an additional fusion monster or two to justify it.

Although the Harpie cards are plastered all over the front of this set there are only a couple of new cards that aren’t too niche or underpowered. Here are the best ones.

Harpie Perfumer is a powerhouse of a card, allowing you to search several of the new Harpie spell/trap cards on summon, such as Elegant Egotist, Alluring Mirror Split, Harpie Lady Elegance and most importantly Harpie’s Feather Rest. This deck has always needed more ways to tutor out important cards, and I can imagine you’ll be adding Feather Rest and Elegant Egotist to your hand fairly often. You probably just slam this card into your deck by virtue of it giving you free advantage, not to mention if you use Hysteric Party to bring it back on your opponent’s turn it’ll trigger again which is insane.

Harpie Oracle is another powerful addition to Harpie lists, being an extender if you control a Harpie Lady Sisters or a dragon-type monster summoned from Harpie Channeler. Furthermore, it adds back one of your Perfumer targets in the end phase, which is pretty sweet.

Harpie’s Feather Rest is probably my favourite of the new Harpie cards, a searchable Pot of Avarice that you can recycle seems pretty reasonable. Of course being locked into Wind monsters is unfortunate, but drawing 1-2 cards from this every turn until your opponent is dead seems like a fair trade.

Garden Rose Maiden is a fantastic card with some great synergies with Black Garden, adds it to your hand for free on summon and has an insane grave effect! I’d recommend nabbing one if you see it around as it’ll likely be broken someday.

Infinity Chasers comes out in a month or so and contains a new archetype of train monsters called Infinite Ignition. These bad boys received a bit of sneaky support in this set so let’s give it a look.

Super Express Bullet Train is a ridiculous card and I love it to bits. Being able to slam itself onto the board if you control another Earth machine and grabbing you back another train in the end phase after it goes to the grave is insane. It’s a pretty simple card but it cannot be overstated how useful a level 10 train extender is; those strategies can do some really unfair things and just burn you to death.

Urgent Schedule is actually wild; going second with Trains gets better by virtue of this card existing. Summoning two monsters from your deck for one card has always been an insane deal and the downside of being locked into attacking with machine monsters for the rest of the turn is completely negligible. Also this is a quick-play spell so you can jam it during your opponent’s end phase, which is handy for stacking up your board for a big turn. Oh and if it is sent to the graveyard while set it can add a train from your deck to your hand, which will certainly come up sometimes if your hand sucks and you need to locate yourself a specific locomotive.

Flying Pegasus Railroad Stampede is a strong follow-up summon for train decks and has versatile level fixing options. Not to mention it’s a pegasus pulling a train.

Overall this set has a solid number of new cards and some worthy investments for the future, although its low number of immediately high value cards may make it a tougher purchase for some people. If you want to play a Lunalight strategy most of the cards are fairly easy to acquire out of a single box and Infinity Chasers has a ton of new train cards coming within the next month, so this set is a pretty good time.

For a taste of what you can get out of a box, check out my unboxing video below.

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