Cardfight!! Vanguard – [V-BT07] Infinideity Cradle Set Review

For those of you new to Cardfight!! Vanguard, you can check out our previous article here where we explore on what has changed with the reboot.

V Booster Set 7: Infinideity Cradle is the latest and first set for the Shinemon arc. This prequel arc takes place ten years before Aichi begins his Vanguard journey and focuses on card shop owner Shin Nitta as well as many other characters in their younger days. If you’re interested in the show, you can also watch all of the episodes released online.

A big benefit for the new arc is it gives the show both familiar and new protagonists who all play different clans to what we normally see on screen. This has given the developers the opportunity to support some of those weaker decks in the game, especially Genesis (which had never appeared on the reboot anime series prior to this!).

Since the release of Type II Gift Markers in V Booster Set 5: Aerial Steed Liberation, players were looking to see if Accel clans (specifically HYU-GA and Luquier) would continue to be the bogeyman of the Standard format or if the newly supported Force and Protect clans in Infinideity Cradle would be able to stop them.

Infinideity Cradle includes support for four clans: Genesis (Force), Nubatama (Protect), Angel Feather (Protect) and Nova Grappler (Accel).

1. Genesis (Force)

Alongside it’s own Trial Deck, nearly everything here is to help achieve the powerful Valkerion. This includes more ways to accomplish Astral Plane and creating Force Markers as fast as possible. In terms of power itself, Valkerion and your Vanguard certainly are the most highest right now. Moreover, the possibility of seven drive checks can also quickly win you the game. Unfortunately, the possibility of just not having Valkerion in hand or checking a high grade unit through it’s skill can just stop all of your decks pressure. As this is the main character’s deck, Genesis will be receiving more cards in the future which will hopefully help fix this downside. Infinideity Cradle also provided new cards for older Genesis decks, especially for Himiko. She received more reduction and soul charging to allow your units to always have their critical increased every turn. Definitely a good thing to have as it keeps both old and new Genesis players happy.

2. Nubatama (Protect)

Last supported in Aerial Steed Liberation, the set included the absolute monster in Jamyocongo. The dragon’s powerful effect allowed you to potentially cut your opponent’s hand down to four and alongside certain other cards, led to his restriction in the Premium format (can play both V Series and previous existing cards). During his initial Standard release, surprisingly nothing paired with his ability well and he was quickly set aside up until now. Hanzo now gives Nubatama a board wipe, a very helpful ability to have in an aggressive meta. Alongside Jamyocongo, the duo compensates one another by mixing their discard and board clearing abilities effectively. Furthermore, this set also introduced the defensive Evil Decoy Token and cards to produce them. All together this definitely gives Nubatama the kick they needed, possibly becoming one of the best Protect clans in the game.

3. Angel Feather (Protect)

Speaking of Protect, Angel Feather finally receives it’s second wave of support. The winged heroes continue to focus on the damage zone and this now extends to the opponent’s damage zone as well. Ergodiel and friends are definitely strong cards to watch out as pack quite a punch . However, the power level for this Protect clan (compared to Nubatama) still isn’t enough to be viable in an Accel meta. More support is also confirmed in April, so fans should try to still pick up these new staples for the future. Let’s pray it gets better then.

4. Nova Grappler (Accel)

If you like simple and hyper aggressive strategies, this is for you. God Hand Dragon is an all-out attack monster that tries to win as fast as possible through brute force. Front Trigger effects become extremely powerful and some games you will likely win out of nowhere by giving +60000 power (or more) to your front row. Furthermore, in combination with older cards you can also gain more attacks to close your victory. Now compared to the existing Accel clans in the meta, it looks to be a small step back. Unfortunately the lack of card advantage is a big weakness for the deck. Additionally, if you are unable to hit the Front Trigger you will likely lose all your pressure for the turn. While God Hand may hit harder, other Accel clans will be able to play a more consistent and flexible game instead.

5. Murakumo, Pale Moon and Tachikaze? Oh my! (All Accel)

Wait a minute, shouldn’t there only be four clans? Clans supported in the booster pack. Infinideity Cradle also contained twenty-four new promo cards (one for each clan), which players could obtain per the buy-a-box promotion. Meomaru definitely takes the spotlight by being both an effective and low cost card. It is just one new card for HYU-GA, but keep in the mind that this supports an established top tier deck. This is also true for the other top Accel decks, with Leonor and Savage Trooper giving their respective decks a slight boost as well.

Overall, I like what Vanguard did with this set. Lesser supported clans like Nubatama and Genesis are finally competitively decks. Accel clans will continue to be the top decks of the format. However, Infinideity Cradle sets a good standard at being able to help bring the weaker clans closer to their power level. Genesis and Angel Feather will also receive more support in April with booster The Astral Force and I’m expecting they will get even better.

If you’re interested in more Vanguard content, you can also take a look at our unboxing video. Many thanks to OzAnimart who generously provided the box.

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