Cardfight!! Vanguard Booster Set 17 Ver-E


Late last month we saw the release of Cardfight!! Vanguard Booster Set 17 Ver-E, which is the English Version of Set 17. With the release of Set 17 we could see quite a drastic change to the Meta of the game, which is currently being dominated by the likes of Seeker, Thing Saver Dragon, Phantom Blaster Dragon “Abyss” and Bluish Flame Liberator, Prominence Glare Dragon. In Set 17 Ver-E “Blazing Perdition” several clans have received all new Boss Cards that will prove to give players a wide range of options in terms of what and how to play. Basically it all comes down to The Big 3, Kagero, Nova Grappler and Link Joker.


BT17-L03EN-LR.pngLet’s start with Kagero as they received a total of four new Boss Cards, the most out of any clan in this set. Kagero’s main ace in Blazing Perdition is definitely Dragonic Overlord “The Great”. Think of him as the same old D-O that you’re used to except, on your turn, while in Legion he swings for 20,000 Power before restanding and attacking again at the cost of one Counterblast and discarding two cards. See, same old Dragonic Overlord, he just hits a lot harder. Next up we have Perdition Dragon, Vortex Dragonewt. Honestly I’m not a big fan of this guy. His skill is only active while in Legion and can be used by paying two Counterblasts as well as discarding a copy of either himself or his Legion Mate, a fairly high cost to burn your opponent for one damage and kill 2 rear guards. A much better card than Dragonewt in my opinion is Perdition Dragon, Pain Laser Dragon. Whilst his skill is only activated when you perform Legion it is only a counterblast one and nukes up to two rearguards in the same column. My personal favourite, however, has to be Breakdown Dragon. Why do I like him so much, you ask? Because he is so bad!! Haha only kidding, he’s not that bad, just very situational. His skill costs 3 Counterblasts and kills 2 Rearguards but if your opponent has 2 or fewer rearguards after his skill resolves you unflip one damage. So if played right this should always cost you 2 or less counterblasts.


BT17-004EN-RRRNext up is Nova Grappler. Nova Grappler got a decent amount of support, however, the only one really worth mentioning is Ultimate Raizer, Mega Flare. His ability is static and doesn’t have a cost per se, instead it activates when certain conditions are met. When you attack with Mega Flare if you have 4 or more rearguards at rest Mega Flare gains +1 Critical. The thing that makes Mega Flare truly scary is his pet. One thing to keep in mind when facing up against Raizers is to watch out for Cat Butler. Cat Butler is a Grade 0 unit that was introduced way back in Extra Booster 01 – Comic Style. His ability lets a Grade 2 Vanguard restand if the Vanguard’s attack doesn’t hit, simply by sending Cat Butler from the field to drop zone. Scary right? Basically you have 2 choices here, firstly you can kill the Cat before your opponent can use it, or you can take the first attack because trust me the second attack will be worse.


BlasterJokerNow with that out of the way, let’s talk about Link Joker and their new play thing, Blaster Joker. As you might all know already Blaster Joker is essentially Blaster Blade after he has been corrupted by the Void. Like most “Blaster” units Blaster Joker’s ability is slightly over powered. His main ability may seem to cost a lot but it completely cripples the field. It can be activated whilst in Legion by Counterblasting 2 cards, as well as soulblasting 2 cards and locking a “Starvader” unit. Heavy cost? Yes. But by paying the cost you lock your opponents entire field until the end of their next turn. SAY WHAT??? Blaster Joker also has another ability that he can use even while not in Legion. It is activated when he attacks, allows you to place a copy of a unit on your Vanguard Circle into the soul to give it +1 Critical….


So to summarise, this current format is basically Criticals EVERYWHERE!!!! Enjoy the format, I know I will.

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