Canterbury – A Kickstarter Board Game


Canterbury by Quixotic Games

There is a wealth of games of games I could cover on Kickstarter.  A plethora of goodies for all formats of tabletop gaming.  However seeing as we have had so little coverage of board games I thought I would focus my attention there.  That was when I discovered Canterbury.  I’m a big fan of Settlers of Catan and I’m also a fan of city building games on the PC such as Caesar so Canterbury grabbed my intention instantly and if you are a similar minded fan it should grab your interest too.

The developer Quixotic Games has developed some 15 games previously so they aren’t green in the field of board game design.  However, to date, they have never self published.  Canterbury is their first attempt at doing so.  If anyone remembers the original ‘Cathedral’ board game where you placed plastic pieces such as the Cathedral, Tavern, Stables and the like on the board in an attempt to control as much of the city as possible, I feel that Canterbury is essentially that simplistic game mashed with Settlers of Catan and fed steroids.

Which, is really a good thing, isn’t it? I think part of the charm with these types of games is the passive competitiveness of it all. You can’t directly attack, destroy or otherwise defeat your opponents, but you can hinder them. There is that constant “I’ll help you… for now” that I enjoy as players help, plot and then ultimately turn against each other that I find so deliciously enjoyable.

Canterbury sees players building and upgrading the city to provide essential and luxury services.  Each decision the player makes earns them and the city points and more wealth.  Unlike similar games Canterbury has no element of luck and instead relies on players cunning and wit to outscore their opponents.  Quixotic Games promises that each game will offer a different experience and a brand new city.

As of writing this article the game has not reached it’s Kickstarter target of $50,000 USD and has just 7 days remaining. The game looks fairly well priced at $60 USD, unfortunately (as per usual) the shipping costs to our fair land sting a bit, weighing in at $40 USD. Having said all that though, you are likely to be paying $80-$100 AUD for this type of game when it hits shelves later in the year (undoubtedly regardless of Kickstarter).

There is a lot more information to be had on the games Kickstarter page and watching at least the first Youtube video is probably a good idea.

You can also head over to the Quixotic Games website for a more in depth look at their earlier works.

Hopefully the guys at Quixotic hit their goal and meet with success!  I look forward to a game of Canterbury in the near future.


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