Brewing with Kaldheim – A Junk Saga

Continuing to brew with Kaldheim I’ve discovered a new favourite card: Lagonna-Band Storyteller, and so I’ve been brewing a lot of different variations upon decks that cycle this card for maximum value, and I’ve got what I think is a pretty good start, to be able to show off to you.

There is a lot of super specific synergy in here, and I’ll break it down into a bunch of different parts. Firstly is the ramp, and land consistency in the deck. Birth of Meletis being the most obvious one as it grants us a plains for free as it is a really perfect turn two play. Then we have The Binding of the Titans, which can return a land from the graveyard that you milled in the first Lore counter, or a fabled passage that you used earlier. Binding the Old Gods, searches out a forest (which is why we play one Indatha Triome) but it will mostly get Woodland Chasm and Arctic Treeline. As snow lands are important for Blood on the Snow. The other cool little trick is that Shepherd of the Cosmos can return: Fabled Passage, The Binding of the Titans, and The Birth of Meletis as they all go to the graveyard on resolution, and a Turn four Shepherd of the Cosmos as foretelling it earlier, gets you a big step forward.

The main core loop of the game is that Lagonna-Band Storyteller puts the sage on top of your deck and you gain five life. Then you block with the Storyteller to put it into your graveyard, and once Elspeth conquers death ticks down, it’ll bring Lagonna-Band Storyteller back, which can immediately put Elspeth conquers death on top of the library. It’s not an infinite combo or anything crazy, but it’s a pretty strong wall against mid-range decks. Ascent of the Worthy can be used to also bring back the Storyteller or the Shepherd, both of which recycle your enchantments for value.

There’s also the Angel creature type value synergy, with Ascent of the Worthy turning a Lagonna-Band Storyteller into an Angel, (but also making your walls from Meletis super blockers), but it also turns your Firja’s Retribution, into a monster. All of your beaters, because removal spells essentially. You can block super negatively and punish your opponent because the sacrifice outlet get them. Blood on the Snow into a heavy boardstate killing some of yours and theirs, to return a Shepherd of the Cosmos, into a The Binding of the Titans is a strong boardstate reset, but also puts sacrifice triggers on the stack from rampage of the valkyries that will collect any indestructible creatures, and creatures that drop tokens on death.

The aim of this deck is get as much boardstate value as you can out of as little as you can, and It’s really impressive how much staying power you have against some of the crazy threats in the format!

Hope this little deck tech gives you some interesting ideas for brewing for your decks in the future!

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