Brewing for upcoming Modern PTQs

The next lot of Pro Tour Qualifiers have now been scheduled and they will all be Modern events. Here are the dates on which they will be held – Melbourne (Games Laboratory) 8th June; Parramatta (The Game’s Cube) 29th June; Adelaide (Justice Comics)  5th July and Brisbane (Good Games) 16th August. This is the easiest route to score an invite to a Pro Tour and believe me, it’s an experience of a life time. I am hoping to make an appearance in Brisbane if work permits the time off as I’d love to get back into Pro play again. Modern is my strongest format and I have been brewing decks well before Modern was even a format. I am a player that is not a fan of net decks as I’ve always looked at other ways to exploit the holes in current metagames and try to play under the radar in a format that is so diverse that no one will ever be prepared for what I’ve got.

For those that aren’t familiar with this format, it’s not that daunting and doesn’t need to be so hard on your budget. For example, if you have an awesome standard deck that is still current or a deck that you used to play a while ago with much success or haven’t played for ages, it won’t be hard to change a few cards from other sets that are slightly better to prepare your old deck for Modern. Old strategies never die, like the way Affinity still does very well like it did when it first came out. My first brew I’ve had fun playing is a mixture of the old standard Tempered Steel deck with the Quest combo added in for alternate dominance. Check this out for a deck on a shoe string budget –



4   Horizon Canopy

13 Plains


CREATURES 28                                                               Quest for the Holy Relic

4   Memnite

4   Ornithopter

4   Court Homunculus

4   Glint Hawk

4   Signal Pest

4   Kor Skyfisher

4   Vault Skirge


OTHER 17                                                                              Tempered Steel  

2   Mox Opal

3   Dispatch

4   Quest for the Holy Relic

4   Tempered Steel

2   Argentum Armor

Next up is another take on Soul Sisters. Here I’ve splashed green for Gavony Township which gives this deck the strength it’s been missing out on in the long game.



3   Gavony Township

4   Razorverge Thicket

4   Sunpetal Grove

11 Plains


CREATURES 24                                                Gavony Township

4   Martyr of Sands

4   Serra Ascendant

3   Soul’s Attendant

3   Soul Warden

4   Auriok Champion

4   Squadron Hawk

2   Ranger of Eos


OTHER 14                                                                           Serra Ascendant

4   Path to Exile

4   Honor of the Pure

4   Spectral Procession

2   Sword of War and Peace

With the return of Wild Nacatl, I welcome him back with the next best beatdown creature in Modern who will be it’s partner in crime in this deck – Delver of Secrets. Zoo has always been a strong deck but with all the great tempo blue cards available in Modern, it’s hard not throwing blue into a Naya deck. Here’s my attempt –


LAND 19                                                               Delver of Secrets

4   Arid Mesa

4   Misty Rainforest

4   Scalding Tarn

1   Breeding Pool

1   Hallowed Fountain

1   Sacred Foundry

1   Steam Vents

1   Stomping Ground

1   Forest

1   Island


CREATURES 19                                                   Noble Hierarch

4   Delver of Secrets

4   Noble Hierarch

4   Wild Nacatl

3   Snapcaster Mage

4   Tarmogoyf


OTHER 22                                                                    Wild Nacatl

4   Lightning Bolt

4   Path to Exile

4   Serum Visions

2   Spell Pierce

4   Boros Charm

4   Mana Leak

This next deck was designed by one of my team mates/ playtester Ethan Bush. We worked on this Grixis Tempo deck in preperations for the previous Modern Grand Prix in Brisbane last year.


LAND 21                                                                                   Creeping Tar Pit

1   Blackcleave Cliffs

4   Creeping Tar Pit

2   Darkslick Shores

3   Island

3   Misty Rainforest

1   Mountain

4   Scalding Tarn

2   Steam Vents

1   Watery Grave

CREATURES 14                                                                         Young Pyromancer

4   Delver of Secrets

4   Snapcaster Mage

4   Young Pyromancer

2   Vendillon Clique

OTHER 25                                                                                         Mana Leak

4   Inquisition of Kozilek

4   Lightning Bolt

4   Serum Visions

2   Spell Snare

4   Mana Leak

2   Terminate

2   Electrolyze

3   Cryptic Command

For my final piece, I present my Elf deck. I’ve always been an elf player from way back and love the synergy that makes them a superior force. Not quite the Elf combo that everyone is familiar with but not much different to it though as it doesn’t win on turn 2.


LAND 18                                                                 Elvish Archdruid            

1   Pendelhaven

17 Forest



4   Arbor Elf

4   Elvish Mystic

4   Heritage Druid

4   Llanowar Elves

4   Nettle Sentinel

4   Elvish Visionary

4   Elvish Archdruid

2   Ezuri, Renegade Leader

4   Imperious Perfect

3   Joraga Warcaller


OTHER 4                                                                                    Lead the Stampede

4   Lead the Stampede


They are just some of many of ideas that I have come up with  for Modern and they always do well. In a format so diverse, don’t be afraid to come up with something yourself because you just may surprise yourself as well as everybody else that gets caught out. Happy brewing and good luck at the next PTQs.

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