Angri Artists Fantasy Terrain Series: Medieval Inn

I recently went to CanCon and while I was there I met the guys from Angri Artists. They make a cool looking range of laser cut MDF terrain. They gave me the Medieval Inn to review. So without further ado lets have a talk about this snazzy looking product.

The first thing I need to say about this kit is its excellent value. At just $15 AUD it’s incredible. Even if it had been a simpler kit or lower in detail you still couldn’t beat that value, and its not a simple or plain kit. It’s 28mm scale, so it ends up being quite large.

Over the years I have bought a number of MDF kits from various manufacturers and this one is as good and as detailed as any of them. Its most endearing factor is its simplicity.

I decided as this was my first review of this type of product, I would assemble it without instructions, or get as far as possible without referring to the instructions. Just to see how well designed it is. I got all the way to the end. That’s a big plus in my book.

This kit is intuitive in its design. You don’t get confused as to which peices go where as they are all distinct. It’s really very clever and easy to use. It took just one hour to assemble. Thats without isntructions. I imagine it would be faster with.

Just like every MDF kit I have assembled this one was easy to paint. I sealed it with cheap grey primer then spray coated it black. With MDF kits, where the paint lands is where it stays, which is one of the best parts about these types of kits. It is probably the quality that makes MDF kits so worthwhile, possibly even superior to plastic kits.

After the base coat it was a simple case of dry brushing the details as I saw fit. I went with a muted colour palette of greys and browns. I like my terrain to be a backdrop for my bright coloured models. Finally I glued it down to a round MDF base from my bits box and enjoyed the finished product.

You can’t really go wrong buying this kit. It’s scaled to 28mm but would work for 25mm or 35mm wargaming. Its price is magical and it’s only two sheets of MDF in the packaging, which makes it light to post. It’s really an all-rounder kit. Great for the beginner or hardcore alike and it will work well with my plastic GW terrain.

I’m keen to get myself some more, oh yeah check it out a wicked looking chapel…

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