Android: Netrunner GNK Tournament – Good Games Gold Coast


Netrunner GNK Tournament – Good Games Gold Coast

Howdy Netrunners

The hectic Brisbane Store Championship Season has at last drawn to a close and in the deafening silence after the storm Damien and Good Games Gold Coast stepped in and offered more competitive tournament play. Several weeks ago Damien made the road trip up to Brisbane to compete in a Store Championship, which is a great sign for Queensland Netrunner as we become less insular. This ‘Games Night Kit’ tournament had a great turnout with some of the most experienced players honing their skills before Regionals and some testing recent Android: Netrunner expansion -‘The Valley’.

Store Championship season showed us that the Netrunner Meta at the moment seems to be decided largely by whether you can win with your runner. This tournament continued to prove that theory of mine with Corporations still hauling in a higher win percentage.

The plan was four rounds of Swiss Pair followed by a top four double elimination cut (As practice for Regionals). The duration of top four double elimination just seems to be the right amount of time to keep the tension going. Top eight often inflicts a whole new test of endurance after an already long day so in that regard we were very fortunate.

Top 4 Bracket:

Players and Ranking

Rank Name Prestige
1. Josh(Leela/Blue Sun) 12
2. Daryl(Whizzard/JintekiPE) 12
3. Alex(Kate/RP) 10
4. Andru(Noise/ETF) 10


So you want video? Well folks you’re in for a rare treat. We have brilliantly captured finals games filmed and commentated by Alex “Unless you have some magical card that accesses my Archives before I Jackson that’s game my friend” Marchuk and myself Andru “Take this Agenda, but beware it carries a terrible curse!” Rodger.

Upper Bracket Round 1

Upper Bracket Round 2


Andru & Alex OUT!

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