An AMA with Emily from: Winning Love by Daylight

Winning Love by Daylight is a Magical Girl inspired boardgame where players take on the day-to-day struggles of a Magical Girl, getting through High school, part-time jobs, studying, romance, and training to fight monsters. We decided to do an AMA event where you would be able to ask the character questions, and they’d be able to reply to them in a way to give you an opportunity to learn more about them!

After taking a public vote you all decided you wanted to learn more about Emily!

Do you like the Addams Family?

Do you like Gladiator Movies?

What kind of Magic can you do?

Are you a Goth?

Are you Gay?

What’s your favourite subject at school?

Is that a d’ja pagh on your ear? You don’t look particularly Bajoran. How do you feel about the Federation stepping in to perform as caretaker government of Bajor after the occupation? I know other…

Do you play Games? What’s your Favourite Game?

Until next time!

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