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Brisbane is a great place to play tabletop games but sometimes you just don’t know where to start because some of the best places in town are sneakily hidden away. Ace Comics & Games at Annerley is just one of those places. Tucked away on the ground floor beneath a tasty pizza store on Annerley Road is where you’ll find it and a lot of great people and games of all sorts just waiting for you to get your hands on!

This week I ventured down to the store on a Wednesday night to check out the local competition during their weekly LCG leagues and free play. I took my Netrunner decks down with me because I knew they held the weekly Netrunner league but my focus was quickly turned to something more dark, yet light, with the balance between the two held ever so slightly by a mysterious force…


That’s right, the Star Wars LCG. Knowing nothing of this game except for the fact it was an LCG like Netrunner, I was keen to learn. The guys at the store who were playing Star Wars were more than happy to lend me their decks and teach me how to play, first the basics, then the slightly more advanced mechanics before trouncing me with an incredible combo which really showed me exactly what I could come to expect from the game.

Some of the cards were just amazing, like the ghastly leader of the Darkside Emperor Palpatine with his ability to be the Sith puppeteer and control the game if you could manage to get him in play early on. On the Lightside of the game, I really came to enjoy the Smuggler tactics of Han Solo, even though he may be a stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerfherder.

Slave I from "Edge of Darkness"

Slave I from “Edge of Darkness”

This is one game I’m definitely going to pick up soon and start playing a lot more of, especially now that the first deluxe expansion, Edge of Darkness, is soon to hit Australian stores (with some drool-worthy goodies) as well as the announcement just yesterday that the Australian Nationals for the Star Wars LCG will be held right here in Brisbane. Check out the link for all the details. Don’t forget to check out the upcoming Ashes tournament on the BTGN Facebook page as well!

Thanks for reading and I hope to catch you all out there somewhere helping to keep the balance in the force…of tabletop gaming.

P.S. Don’t forget to jump on the forums and enter the latest BTGN competition for your chance to win a Star Wars LCG core set to get you started for the Nationals and Ashes tournaments!

– Kuso

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