What is Australian Tabletop Gaming Network?

Australian Tabletop Gaming Network (ATGN) is a website designed for and dedicated to people playing tabletop games in Australia.  It provides local store content, interviews (big names and small), media coverage of major events and product previews/reviews.  ATGN also organises a number of large events throughout the year for a variety of games.

How did Australian Tabletop Gaming Network come about?

ATGN was initially conceived by it’s Editor-In-Chief Toby like a bolt of lightening out of a clear blue sky.  He bounced the idea off a few like-minded individuals who agreed it was a great idea and something sorely missing in Australia.  Shortly after ‘Brisbane Tabletop Gaming News’ (BTGN) website went live in the middle of May 2013.  Considering that BTGN was focused on a single city of Australia it enjoyed great success and it quickly became obvious to take the site to the next level before someone else did.  Learning from BTGN, ATGN has become a much more refined and polished site with a lot more contributors from all over the country.

What are the goals of Australian Tabletop Gaming Network?

ATGN hopes to be the largest and best provider of tabletop gaming information for Australians.  We believe that a combination of local store coverage at a personal level and large global stories such as product reviews or developer interviews will help us achieve that goal.

How do I help out with Australian Tabletop Gaming Network?

Easy! Just send us an email with your name, location, local gaming store and a brief description about yourself and the games you enjoy playing.  We are always on the lookout for more contributors.  Please direct your emails here –

Editorial Policy

ATGN is a team of passionate gamer volunteers with differing interests, backgrounds, and opinions. ATGN does not necessarily share the positions of its contributors but aims to promote the diversity of their perspectives while keeping the focus on games. As ATGN is marketed to all audiences we keep our language family-friendly, apolitical, and free from discrimination or harassment. ATGN reserves the right to edit or remove content on its pages that do not suit these standards.