A New and Extensive RPG Kit

Maybe it’s something in the air here in Australia, or maybe the sun, something that helps people innovate.

There has to be something, because I’ve seen only two kits designed for those who play RPGs, and they both came from people here in Australia. While the other kit I’ve looked at is for beginners, this kit will appeal to those new to RPing and to seasoned players alike.

I was kindly supplied a prototype version of the Ultimate Roleplaying Collection from Arcania Adventures to have a look over. Keep in mind I won’t be commenting on quality of the items, as this might change, and some of the items will be slightly different in the finished product.

For now, the place to find this kit is on Kickstarter. As is usually the case for crowd-funded projects, it is only up for a limited time.

As for what is in this kit, well that depends on what level you want to pledge for in the Kickstarter. The lowest level, at $39 AU is just the chest (with felt lined dice roller tray) and character journals, whereas the top tier pack has the chest, character journals, stacks of metal coins, gems and two sets of metal dice, at $241 AU. There are kits in between with varying levels of contents. Cheaper kits have plastic dice and coins instead of the metal dice and coins. There is a kit that substitutes the dice for more coins. The kit I have looked at is about equivalent to the Dungeoneer’s Pack. The contents of the kit, including the journals, are all designed to fit inside the chest for easy transportation. I was informed that the metal dice, which are just standard sets in the pictures, will have custom artwork on them in the final products and the design of the coins will be different too.The first stretch goal, which has been unlocked, is an Arcania Healing Potion, which looks to be two D4 dice in a beaker with stopper. A further stretch goal will also include a couple of nicely illustrated A5 sized scrolls to the kits.

I like the range of contents that are available; the metal coins are particularly nice. These kits are mainly aimed at the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition player base, as the character journals are made specifically for that system. But, of course, players for any number of other systems could take advantage of the contents for their own games, though it is more for fantasy style RPGs. Those that I see getting the most benefit out of this kit are people who want to run a D&D 5th Edition game as a Dungeon Master. One of the things I enjoy a lot in RPGs are what I call ‘feelies’, player handouts of various design. Feelies add more depth and feel to a story. Typically, fantasy based RPGs don’t lend too well to feelies, but this kit can change that with the coins and gems and even those stretch goal scrolls. One could even use this kit for a themed poker night or LARPing (Live Action Role Play).

If you like the look of this kit, I highly recommend you head over to the Kickstarter page and check them out. If you like it, support our local entrepreneurs and pledge for a kit. The Kickstarter has already over doubled their goal with support from hundreds of backers. You can also check out their Facebook page here.


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