A Leaf Through Candlekeep Mysteries

Right, this isn’t a full review; that’s still to come. But I’ve just been able to check out a few chapters of Candlekeep Mysteries which is coming out this week (many thanks to Wizards of the Coast for the review copy) and figured I’d get in fast. In short, I really like what it’s doing and if you are looking at DMing this is one of the best 5e products you could ask for.

Unlike, say, Tasha’s Cauldron, Candlekeep Mysteries has a clear theme and focus. The first chapter presents the library of Candlekeep and its various oddities, which serves as a perfectly respectable framing device for adventures, and from there on we get seventeen short adventures, each suitable for a short one or two evening adventure, all based on the idea of a book. It’s a simple and elegant idea, neatly packaged, and devoid of unnecessary clutter.

I’m kinda mentoring a new DM at the moment who asked if I could point him at some modules to get an idea of how they operate, and I honestly think I’ll steer him this way. The adventures are created by a wealth of different authors, seem to cover a diverse spread of concepts and adventure hooks, and offer something for most levels up to 15. And their length makes them so very convenient for the time-poor DM.

Alternative cover.

I’ll confess that I can’t recommend it to dedicated players. Unlike some of the other supplements, Candlekeep Mysteries doesn’t offer any new races, class options, spells, or other toys to play with. It’s firmly a DM resource, but it’s a very good DM resource.

I’ve only read a couple of the adventures so far, which I’ll discuss in a follow-up spoiler-ific review, but I wanted to let you know where I stand right now.

Players: Save your cash.

Dungeon Masters (especially new and prospective DMs): Grab it!

Candlekeep Mysteries is released on March 26.

Now, back to reading…

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