A ‘Good Games’ of Thrones – LCG Thursdays

LCGs are really starting to pick up a lot of interest among Brisbane tabletop gamers which can be seen in all of the articles posted right here on BTGN. One of the busiest places playing LCGs is on a Thursday night at Good Games in Spring Hill where you can always find someone willing to have a friendly or competitive match, particularly for all you A Game of Thrones deviants.


The popularity of this game has really spiked over the past few years with the adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s books into the most highly downloaded television show in years. The LCG players at Good Games have been around a while longer than that though with proficient decks that have incorporated aspects from the very first Chapter Packs of A Clash of Arms right through to A Song of the Seas.

Jon Snow: AGoT LCG

Jon Snow: AGoT LCG

I was lucky enough to watch these players partake in strategic, militaristic, and intrigue-ridden struggles for power. It was particularly interesting to watch a not-so-common 5-player match that put the game’s mechanics to work at a higher level than the standard 2-4 player games. If you’ve got the mind for strategy or are simply a dominant and greedy power-monger then this is the game for you. If you’re keen to have a look or are just starting out with AGoT then I strongly urge you to check out the Fantasy Flight Games website for the game which has an excellent tutorial video to guide you through the basics. Alternatively, if you want that first-hand experience, you could check out your local game store and get straight into the thick of it just like the folks at Good Games on a Thursday night.

For fans of Android: Netrunner and Star Wars LCGs, there are also plenty of players willing to give you a run for your money or help introduce you to the games. Now is also the best time to get into all LCGs, particularly these two, with the “Ashes” tournaments coming up in September and October respectively for Star Wars and Android: Netrunner being run by BTGN which you can check all the details for here or on the BTGN Facebook page.

Don’t forget to dive into the forums either where you can always find someone to chat to about your favourite tabletop games!

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