A Fistful of Credits – A Hoarders Lament

As I sit in front of my PC a pile of cash sits unused in my Paypal account. I know I could pay off some of my credit card. I could buy my darling wife an awesome gift. I could throw a party and enrich my life with friendship… and liquor. I’m probably gonna spend it on more games and miniatures.

What to buy? What are all the cool folks up to? #WillItMakeMeCool? What a depressing hashtag that is.

I got the money in a most unscrupulous way…

Unscrupulous… not servant of the dark gods.

Buy Swap Sell Forums. I traded away parts of my ludicrous (but manageable) collection. I won’t get into how big it is, but lets just say it is an eye opener. There are bigger ones, but this one is ample and mine! The money was originally ear marked for the new Thousand Sons Traitors and Magnus the Red from Games Workshop. That’s been shelved. I don’t need another 40k army…maybe…

I have a few ideas on what I would like this money to become and I thought it would be best to discuss it on ATGN. So lets delve into the deep dark recesses of my mind and see what’s tickling my fancy this week. Here are some of the options:

Legendary Encounters: Alien

In space no-one can hear you shuffle…

I have Legendary Encounters: Predator. It’s fricken cool. You get to play it in a number of ways. There is a movie mode where you get to relive the events of Predator and Predator 2 (Billieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!). There is free play mode where you can play random combos of the game deck and hunt a Predator. There is also a mode where you and your friends can play Predators and fight to claim a trophy from the cleverest of game… Man!

Legendary Encounters: Alien plays a little differently. You can play the movies and relive the events of colonial marines or space truckers and hope you can defeat the Alien/s. It comes with various other scenarios that add flavor. Face-huggers can convert you or your friends into sleeper agents that convert into Aliens and turn against their allies. Game over man, game over.

Legendary Encounters games by Upper Deck come in a lot of flavours. Marvel, Aliens, Predator and even Firefly. There are expansions for the comic stuff… Deadpool anyone? They are pretty standard fare deck building games that have one thing in common; compatibility! So you can play Alien VS Predator or Alien VS Predator VS Deadpool. So many options…

Oh my god Legendary Encounters: Big Trouble in Little China… SQUEEE!

” I’m a reasonable guy. But, I’ve just experienced some very unreasonable things.”

More Arena Rex

I have a ton of Arena Rex by Red Republic Games already. Its a great little game of gladiatorial combat in an alternate history earth. The time is 1253 and the Roman Empire stills powers on, the Republic’s thirst for blood is insatiable and the arenas across the empire rumble with the roar of the crowds. Demand for spectacle brings all sorts of combatants: Northmen and their allies from the New World, Roman Legionaires and desperate slaves compete with heroes of the Aegyptus and warriors of the Hellenic Leagues for money and glory.

The game is awesome, both in its simplicity and flavor. Each character has the option to attack with a bunch of standard choices or their own specialist abilities, and faction specific bonuses. This is coupled with a simple dice system that combines successes on a 4+ with a unique damage tree for every character.

I know, I know, it sounds pretty awesome, but it gets better! I’ll just leave these here…

Infinity Fat Yuan Yuan and Outrage Manga with Knauf Miniature.

Its a pretty cheap purchase and those are some sexernesses right there.

Moar! Dwarves from lots of places.

Dwarves of Fire Canyon from Russian Alternative. In Russia, the Dwarves Chaos you. These things are just so great and awesomely affordable. They have some extra options and there’s enough units to bust out an Oldhammer Chaos Dwarf army for 4th or 5th ed Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

MOM Miniaturas Dwarf range is also great. In the same way that the end of Nirvana gave us the awesome of the Foo Fighters, the end of Warhammer Fantasy Battle gave us so many great new alternative manufacturers. These Dwarves are really cool. I have some already. I’d like to have more. Simple crisp sculpts designed for regimented play. They also have a growing range of alternative Chaos Mortals, Empire and Bretonnian infantry.

Avatars of War have been punching out great dwarf characters and dwarf regiments for a while, and they fit really well in both GW and other manufacturers ranges. They do a Multi-Part Plastic Dwarf Berserkers Kit that is simply to die for… honorably  to pay for past transgressions.

Primaris Astartes and 8th Edition 40k.

Just when I get out they pull me back in.

Damn your black soul GW. Awesome new marines to go with some sweet new streamlined rules. I hate your face…

Car Rego.

Its not a gaming item, but it is on the horizon.

Age of Sigmar Kharadron Overlords.

I know what your saying. “Tim you already have heaps of Dwarves.” I do reader, I do. These Dwarves have lightning guns and zeppelins. Its kind of a no brainer.


It’s so crazy, the long laundry list of things I want. It’s forever the dilemma of a gamer. So much to buy, soooo little cash, space and time. I have looked through my list here and I have made a decision… I’m gonna check out Kickstarter… Oh nice, Monolith is doing a Batman game.

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