An Ultra Deal – The Complete Chapter


Games Workshop has put out some interesting deals over the years, from the basic starter boxes, that are about $180, to special big boxes that can be near $400. They even do the big paint sets sometimes, that include all the paints they make, in one of the army cases too, and those can be like $800 or something like that. But there is something much, much bigger.

They have released a new pack now though, and I think it is a touch on the expensive side. GWs prices are pretty high anyway, and to the credit of the pack, it does contain nearly 1,200 individual models. But $17,645 is really a whole heap of money to drop onto models all in one go. Not even anything in Forgeworld comes close to that price. I suppose that I should mention that it is a complete chapter of Ultramarines.


In addition to the excess of models, the buyers would also receive several signed books and prints. But, it comes all un-assembled and  un-painted, and they don’t throw in any army cases either. Full info here.

Might need a couple tubes of glue for this one…

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