Youtube channel opens a vintage pack of Magic the Gathering. Pull a Black Lotus potentially worth over $25,000.

Youtube channel, ‘Openboosters’ was holding a simple promotion to celebrate reaching five thousands subscribers by opening an Alpha starter deck when they pulled a Black Lotus, the most expensive Magic the Gathering card in existence.

The climatic moment begins at 8:10. A closer look at the card can be seen in this video.

MAG6X9010The limited edition Alpha, most commonly referred to simply as Alpha, is the first edition of MtG released in 1993 and consists entirely of a single print run of 2.6 million cards. Twenty One years later MtG is bigger than it has ever been and Alpha edition cards have became the rarest and most sought after by both players and collectors alike. Alpha included the famous ‘Power Nine’ cards, nine cards commonly accepted as the most powerful cards in MtG history and have yet to be reprinted past 1994. Black Lotus is considered to be the top card in the ‘Power Nine’ with its ability to provide a massive resource boost to the player in the early game. Currently, the card is restricted in the ‘Vintage’ format of the game, meaning only one copy may be used in a deck, and banned in every other formats.

For the potential of containing one of the Power Nine, Alpha starter decks such as the one opened in the video routinely go for around $4500. The last Black Lotus sold on eBay went for over $27,000 , though the condition of that particular card was given a high rating of 9.5.  As of now, the Black Lotus in the video is yet to be rated. None the less, those behind the ‘Openboosters’ channel are potentially looking at at a $20,000 plus payday. ‘Holy Boosh’, indeed.

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