Yu-Gi-Oh! Set Review – Dimension of Chaos

Dimension of Chaos (DOCS) is an extremely powerful set, and has laid the groundwork for some very strong decks as we head into the new year. Today, I will take you through what a standard box opening looks like, as well as reviewing some of the best cards in the set and some of the new archetypes that you can try out (some of them are super cheap too, which is a bonus!)


DOCS features Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend on the packs and box, a dragon worthy of being the cover card, as we will see later on. The contents of the box were very decent, which is not surprising. Some Yu-Gi-Oh sets are very heavily tilted towards only the foil cards being useful, but DOCS features many powerful cards at all rarity levels. This makes boxes a worthwhile investment, since you can pick up playsets of neat cards in addition to your regular rare pulls.


In no particular order, here are some of the more useful cards in the set, their application, and how playable they are in a competitive setting.

Samurai Cavalry of Reptier


Samurai Cavalry of Reptier is one of the TCG World Premiere cards for DOCS. It was also the pre-release promo card, so you may already have a copy of this card lying around. Packing an effect that allows it to beat any non-Pendulum monster in battle plus being a Pendulum monster itself means that Samurai Cavalry will be showing up turn after turn to take down your opponent’s big monsters. It is even searchable with Fossil Dig, if you really want to see it sooner. Cavalry is an excellent tech card in Pendulum decks, especially against giant, untargetable Kozmo spaceships (like the one we will be getting to in a moment).

Fluffal Wings


Fluffals are a delightful blend of cute and creepy, and Wings is a crazy-strong card. Even if the rest of the archetype is slightly less than competitive, the ability to randomly generate huge amounts of draws and searches with Wings could push Fluffals into being a solid rogue deck.

Vector Pendulum, the Dracoverlord


Vector is a solid tech card at the moment, with the ability to negate the effects of your opponent’s scales as well as a very decent low scale. It is also a normal monster, which means you can access it with cards like Painful Decision and Unexpected Dai. Vector is one of the cards you must own before the release of the next set, Breaker of Shadows. Clash of the Dracorivals is a massive power boost for the current PePe (Perfomapals and Performage) deck, and it requires Vector to work!

Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend


Scarlight is everything I love about a cover card. It’s a generic Synchro monster that can fit into any deck capable of making Level 8 Synchro summons, and it packs a powerful effect. Once per turn you can destroy all specially summoned monsters (including your own, but excluding Scarlight) and inflict 500 damage on your opponent for each creature destroyed in this fashion. That’s it; no attack restrictions, nothing else.

This card has won me plenty of games, usually by blowing my opponent’s field for around 2000 damage and then casually swinging directly for another 3000. Another great card to own; mass destruction and damage are never going to go out of style.

Igknight Reload


In a remarkable twist of fate, Igknight Reload is actually less useful in Igknights than it is in a regular Pendulum deck. The effect of shuffling back Pendulum monsters to draw isn’t fantastic in a deck where you can use two monsters to search anything you like, but is awesome in a deck like PePe when you can shuffle back excess combo pieces to draw deeper into your deck.

It does have the restriction of not being able to draw for the rest of the turn, and only being able to use one Igknight Reload per turn, but has the upshot of being quick-play, so you can always activate the effect on your opponent’s turn if you need to.

Performage Plushfire and Mirror Conductor

These two belong together, because they have single-handedly taken the Performapals from a cute half-engine in decks like ClownBlade to a full-on Meta Monster with PePe. Straight away, they are a perfect scale for the deck (which only really summons level 4 monsters) and both are searchable with Performage Damage Juggler.

Both have effects that are incredibly useful. Mirror Conductor can either swap the attack and defence of an opponent’s monster, or just make it become whichever of the two is lower. This can help you get over larger problem monsters, as well as set up for some removal and draw plays with Number 104: Ragnazero.

Plushfire is the truly insane one though. Whenever he is destroyed (either in the Pendulum zone or as a monster) he will special summon a Performage monster from your deck. This effect is not once per turn, so if you can trigger Plushfire multiple times you will end up with an army of free Performage monsters. The PePe deck revolves around triggering this card as much as possible, and does so very effectively.

Both of these cards are only common rarity, which means even if you can’t build a full PePe deck you can still mess around with these powerful cards in a budget build!

Grand Horn of Heaven


Another excellent common from DOCS is Grand Horn of Heaven. Thanks to a recent reprint, we now know that Black Horn of Heaven can no longer negate the Pendulum Summon of more than one monster, which is why we are lucky that Grand Horn does exactly that. If your opponent attempts to special summon a monster, you can negate that summoning action, your opponent will draw a card (the only downside, really) and it will end that particular phase.

The last part of the effect is more powerful than you might realise at first, but skipping phases in Main Phase 1 means, at the very least, that you are not dying due to battle damage that turn. If your opponent was planning to finish the Duel then and there, they instead have to switch their strategy mid-play to walling up a defence for next turn, which is extremely disruptive. The draw is not ideal, but if you are negating the Pendulum summon of 2 or more monsters you are still coming out ahead.

Grand Horn is yet another extremely playable card available at the common rarity, and a single box of DOCS has a very good chance of containing a full playset of this powerful anti-Pendulum card.

In addition to these great cards which work well on their own or with existing cards, Dimension of Chaos has also introduced some awesome new Archetypes, and offers major support for others!

Majespectres, Graydle and D/D/D have been blessed with a wealth of cards in DOCS while Kaiju, Kozmo and Odd-Eyes have received some very powerful support which takes them from fringe strategies to complete decks.



Majespecters are nothing short of adorable. What they lack in attack points, they make up for with their great monster effects. All Majespecter monsters are immune to being targeted or destroyed by opponent card effects. Unless your opponent can destroy them by battle or use non-targeting removal, they are sticking around, which means they can form up a massive defensive wall when you start Pendulum summoning two or three of them.

Additionally, all of the Majespecter monsters outside of Kirin search for something when they are summoned. Raccoon searches for any Majespecter monster, Kyubi searches for Majespecter traps, Yata searches for Majespecter spells and Nekomata searches for anything, but only during the End Phase.

Most of the spells and traps you will be searching for involve tributing a Wind Spellcaster (which all Majespecters are) to execute some sort of monster removal. The spells can either destroy or shuffle an opponent’s monster, which is only moderately useful unless you haven’t already Pendulum summoned that turn. The traps are much more powerful though, since they can be used on the opponent’s turn.

Majespecter Tornado tributes to banish a monster, which is one of the most permanent forms of removal possible at the moment. Majespecter Tempest is the real MVP though. It can tribute a monster to negate the effect or special summon of a monster (including multiple monsters that are Pendulum summoned). This can be devastating to your opponent, and since you can Pendulum summon back the Kyubi and the monster you have tributed, you can have this kind of lock operating every turn.

Kirin doesn’t see much play in pure Majespecter decks, since he cannot be Pendulum summoned (he is level 6, Majespecters form a 2-5 scale) but he is a powerhouse in other Pendulum decks. Being able to return Pendulum monsters (including himself) to the hand to bounce an opponent’s monster can be very disruptive and can be used in combination with cards like Performapal Skullcrobat Joker to generate mountains of advantage.


12391102_1649256332011130_481575716514524956_n (1)

The D/D and D/D/D (I’m having X-Saber flashbacks) have existed in the OCG for ages, but have finally made their way outside of Japan! Long-term, the goal of the deck is to utilise all forms of summoning, including Xyz, Fusion, Synchro and Pendulum. Right now, we don’t have the tuner, so Synchro is out, but the Fusion monsters are strong enough to make up for it. Using a combination of Necro Slime and Swirl Slime, you can fuse for two Oracle King in one turn, pumping out an impressive 5600 damage from two cards, both of which are very searchable.

Considering this is just the beginning of what the deck has to offer, it’s worth picking up the D/D/D common and rare cards in DOCS now, for when the rest of the cards make their way to the TCG.


51gl73EsPKL._SY355_If PePe is the deck to beat, then Kozmo is the runner-up. Consisting of huge monsters that are hard to beat and replace themselves when you do, Kozmo decks are more than capable of going from zero to one hundred and OTKing in the blink of an eye. This is almost entirely due to the new cards the theme received in DOCS.

Of particular note is Kozmo Dark Destroyer. Boasting an impressive 3000 attack, Dark Destroyer cannot be targeted, replaces himself with a level 7 or lower Kozmo monster from your deck when he dies and can destroy a monster when he is summoned. The true power of this ability is being able to destroy your own monsters during the Battle Phase after they have attacked in order to summon additional monsters from your deck to continue attacking.

The Kozmo theme is only going to get stronger with the release of Breaker of Shadows, so definitely keep those Cyber Dragons in your side deck for now.



Probably the most popular theme with budget/casual players, Graydles are a collection of monsters who focus on stealing your opponent’s monsters to turn them against their master! All of the Graydles will equip themselves to a monster to gain control of it when destroyed by battle, and each one has a different secondary trigger when destroyed by monster, spell or trap effects. Luckily, they are colour coded. Eagle is triggered by monsters (orange), Cobra by traps (purple) and Alligator by spells (Green).

Graydles also have some insane spell and trap support. Graydle Split destroys a Graydle to summon two more from your deck, and if you destroy Cobra he will steal a monster as well. Graydle Impact searches a Graydle card (not just monster) every turn, and can also be used to destroy a Graydle card and a card your opponent controls (which is great for triggering Alligator).

Graydles have seen moderate success when combined with Kaiju, an archetype that revolves around giving your opponent high attack monsters (that you can steal back straight away).

Overall, Dimension of Chaos is a really high-value set for players of all levels. It has plenty of interesting and playable common and rare cards that budget players will certainly enjoy, and some high-rarity powerhouses for veteran players to add to their decks. The hot picks for the set for all players are:

For Casual/Budget Players:

– Graydle and Kaiju cards – both of these can be used for an excellent casual deck.
– Grand Horn of Heaven – powerful side deck card against Pendulums.
– Majespecter Kirin – even if you never play Majespecter this card will find a home in most Pendulum decks that can easily summon him.

For Veteran Players:

– Performages – crucial to the combo-based PePe decks, which only get stronger next set.
– Kozmo cards – probably the next best deck after PePe, Dark Destroyer is a beast.
– Vector Pendulum –  Clash of the Dracorivals is going to make this card insane.

That’s all for the Dimension of Chaos set review. Hopefully it has offered you some insight into what cards you should be aiming for next, see you all next time!

As always, you can find information on upcoming products or where to play Yu-Gi-Oh in your local area at http://www.yugioh-card.com/oc/


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