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For those of us who play tabletop games we know that atmosphere can make a big difference.  While playing some thematic music in the background has been around since the beginning, it’s only with advancements in technology (predominately mobile) that we’ve seen this taken to the next level.

I myself have used a laptop with a number of musical tracks and sound effects lifted from the original Neverwinter Nights or Elder Scrolls games to give my role-playing game sessions a bit more oomph which has been superseded by the recently released ‘Syrinscape‘ software for desktop and mobile devices (See our full review here).

So naturally the demand for atmospheric audio software has extended beyond role-playing games, with a recent increase into the realm of miniature war gaming.  Just as with role-playing games, an added musical score or selection of sound effects can greatly improve the atmosphere of any war gaming session.

So with that in mind developer and war gamer David Glock of Rustgirl Apps decided his World War II miniature gaming needed a little more ‘pep’.  The result?  ‘WW2 Wargaming Soundboard’.

Specifically designed for those playing ‘Flames of War’ or ‘Bolt Action’ but is compatible with any WW2 themed game.


Idling the game supplies you with some very suitable sound effects that give the impression of combat taking place in the distance.  Gun fire, explosions and mortar rounds being fired really add to the believability of being at, or near, an actual battlefield.  The plane in the middle of the battlefield acting as a neat volume slider to adjust this ambient sound.

The board itself has 20 buttons, 10 for each side of the battlefield.  Each of these buttons can be cycled through four different samples at the press of a button giving you a total menu of some 40 samples.  Twenty of these samples are voice related such as ‘Fire in the hole’ or ‘Awesome Shot!’ the other 20 focus on battle sounds such as tanks moving, artillery being fired and the like.

The App is currently available for iOS devices and should hopefully see an Android release in the near future.  At £1.49 ($2.70 AUD) it really wont break the bank, and you may just find it the perfect accessory to that regular Saturday skirmish.

Direct Link to App (iTunes) – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/ww2-wargaming-soundboard/id872463030

Rustgirl Apps Website – http://apps.rustgirl.com/

~ Toby

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