Wrath of Kings


Since I gave up on Games Workshop, I’ve been on the lookout for a new miniatures game. I’ve looked at Warmachine/Hordes, Malifaux, Mantic games and more, but I’ve not really been grabbed by any of those. Whether it be the models are just not appealing in look or the way the rules work or just being too similar to Warhammer Fantasy, there has been something that has kept me away. Something I liked even more than Warhammer Fantasy was Mordheim, the skirmish-based game set in the same universe as Warhammer Fantasy, but many years prior and with modified rules. The problem with Mordheim was that GW stopped supporting it a long time ago, so no updates, nothing new, and it slowly died.

Another Kickstarter has come about involving a miniatures game, which there have been many of, but this one appeals to me greatly. It is called Wrath of Kings, and it looks really amazing.

There are only a short number of days left in the Kickstarter, 6 at the time of writing this article, but they are already well and truly over the required amount. To be specific, they are over $300,000 over their $50,000 goal. If you like the look of it, I’d say get onto it now. I would be, but for the fact I have no money, which is always the way, isn’t it?

I’ve looked through the various armies, watched the 40 min gameplay video, read some of the lore and I am overall very happy with what I’ve encountered. The miniatures look really cool, the lore behind it all works well, and I’m sure it will be expanded on later. The rules are simplified and run very well. The game I watched took about 40 minutes and involved about 15 miniatures each side. The army size can go from at little as 10 models up to 50. It is all based in a single simplified dice roll, so there are no multitude of stats to remember, nor confusing charts to always refer to. Each unit has a easy guide on the stat card that will state what number needs to be rolled to have an effect when it comes to attacks.


Above is House Nasier, the army I most like, and below is House Goritsi, the favoured army of my wife. I really like the art styling of everything in this game. The miniatures have really been excellently modeled.


All this is done by Cool Mini or Not, a group that has published a number of other games such as Dark Age and Zombicide. The Kickstarter for Wrath of Kings is here as well.

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