‘The Wizard Dice Set’ has rolled into town

You know what I haven’t talked about enough? Dice.

Don’t mind that my previous article was on dice too, that doesn’t count. You can never talk too much about dice, regardless of what anyone says. So now I am going to talk about some dice I got from a Kickstarter campaign, completely different from the other dice I got from a Kickstarter campaign a few weeks ago. And no, dice are not the only thing I spend my money on, even though it might seem like it.

I’ve mentioned a company before called PolyHero Dice, who design interestingly shaped dice adventure sets and stick ’em up on Kickstarter. The Warrior set was the first one, a few years ago, which I have a set of, and the Wizard set is the more recent one, which I just recently received in the mail (several months late, but still).


Where the Warrior set had items like a sword, helmet mace and shield, the Wizard set has items that one would expect from a wizard (obviously), such as:

D20 – Orb within a cage
D20 – Wizard Hat (extra add-on)
D12 – Wand
D10s – Potion Bottles
D8 – Scroll
D6 – Fireball
D4 – Bolt (Magic Missile)
D2 – Grimoire

I’m pretty sure they went with a different manufacturer for this set, because the set does have a different feel to it, obviously due to a different plastic used. The glow in the dark variety felt different again, almost slightly greasy.

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Quality-wise, they are pretty average. Copious mould lines and other imperfections mar the surfaces of these dice in many places. The numbering paint is thin and a lot of the numbers have paint missing or it is see-through. They are also pretty light, being not very dense plastic. They could also have been polished better, as they are quite lack-lustre. As for rolling, they seem to be alright. The cylindrical nature of most of them can cause problems sometimes, mainly in readability, but it doesn’t seem that bad. Except for the Wizard Hat, that was pretty bad for readability, but it does spin pretty well.

I like dice, especially weird and unusual ones, so naturally I liked the look of these ones. I am slightly disappointed by the quality of the dice this time. The first set were better made. Will that stop me from buying more if they make them? Probably not, since I’m a sucker for dice. Would I recommend anybody else to get them? Not really. At least not to use. For collection or display purposes? If you can justify the price.

If you feel like having a look anyway, they have the Warrior set and Wizard set up on their site for purchase now.


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