Why The World Needs A Jetpack Unicorn

Hey everyone! This will be my first ever article for ATGN, so I’m going to keep it light.

Since Born of the Gods is now in full swing and GP Melbourne is coming up, there won’t be much for me to report on for a little while in the Magic scene. Instead, I decided that I’d write about a tabletop game that I recently purchased and absolutely fell in love with.

May I introduce to you:

The World Needs A Jetpack UnicornOf course it does.

The World Needs A Jetpack Unicorn utilises the “judge” mechanic made famous by games such as Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity but offers a little extra twist. The game comes packed with three different sets of cards: “Round” cards, “Scenario” cards, and “Transmog Words” cards. You choose how many rounds you want the game to go for and lay out that many “Round” cards (simple, right?), then – much like in Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity each player takes three “Transmog Words” cards to use in their answers. The game then begins and the person who saw a unicorn most recently begins as the judge. (If you’ve played in a Theros draft recently, you may have an upper hand here – unless one of your friends tries to metagame you and jumps online to find a picture, or grabs the box. Because there’s ALWAYS one who will!)

As the judge for the round, you’re tasked with taking a “Scenario” card and posing the question on it to the people directly either side of you. But here’s where The World Needs A Jetpack Unicorn differentiates itself: the players don’t just slam down a card and the judge doesn’t just pick a side. If you intend on winning, you’re going to have to argue your point. And those “Transmog Words” cards you’ve got? You’re going to have to pick one and work the words on it into your answers somehow. Because chaos. If you make a more compelling case than your opponent, you get to keep that card beside you and use the little number up the top of it to count towards your final score.

Many people – especially us nerds – love to argue the point on many a small and insignificant detail, and if this sounds like something you’d do with a giant grin on your face than this game is for you!

I’m honestly not sure what’s better:

  • Being the judge who gets to ask the crazy questions,
  • Being the poor schmuck who has to argue that never being able to throw anything away is weirder than only being able to own ten things at once, whilst having to somehow work “end of the world scenario” into one of your answers, or
  • Getting to sit back and watch your friends stumble over every sentence before exasperatingly declaring they “can’t… words… right now.”

When I found this game sitting on the shelf in my local game store and read the back of the box, I knew it was something I was going to have to buy then and there. I didn’t get to play with it right away (since it acted as a Christmas present) but once we finally cracked this bad boy open we spent almost an entire day playing, laughing and debating, tallying points, and then going again.

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