White Dwarf gets the punt

Recently, I’ve seen Games Workshop make some interesting decisions regarding the way they are moving their company forward. I have come across some rumours that tell of another very interesting decision, but as of yet I haven’t decided if I think it is good or bad.


As the title of this article suggests, White Dwarf magazine is being retired. White Dwarf has been around for many years, since mid 1977 to be exact. It started out covering a lot more than it does now, with things like Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and RuneQuest, but in the last 80s, it went through a major change and went exclusively to the miniatures games produced by Games Workshop. But after 36 years, Games Workshop are taking it down and putting it away. In it’s place, there will be two magazines, one small and one big. The smaller one will be a weekly or bi-weekly 32 or so page mag that gives quick updates to rules and gives info on new things, I think retaining the ‘White Dwarf’ name. The bigger one will still be monthly, and will focus more on the hobby, and will be called ‘Visions of Warhammer’ or something to that effect, and be anywhere from 150 to 250 pages . I haven’t seen much more information beyond ‘focus on the hobby’, so I can only assume it will be filled more with painting or modding lessons, battle logs and things of that nature. Prices are meant to be something like $6 for the small one and $15 for the big one.

Let me reiterate these are just rumours, there are no official calls about this yet. The rumours say that the January edition of White Dwarf will be the last, and Games Workshop does have a system where they make announcements very late, usually only a week before the event. Some of the things I read said the January 11 announcement was going to be about White Dwarf, but it wasn’t.

We will have to wait and see if this holds any truth. Some of the things I have read seem pretty certain that it will happen. What are your views on this? Would you have preferred to stay with this old format, or does this new split magazine system sound good?

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