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There are lots of miniature war games out there, and there just as many settings. There are Fantasy settings, filled with magic and monsters. Futuristic settings with advanced technology. And then there are the historical settings, armies and battles from years past.

These historical miniatures is what I want to focus on today.

Baker Company is a site and miniature production company based in the UK. They produce a range of historic miniatures in three groups, Victorian Wars, Winter War and Vietnam. Now in that Vietnam section is something that might be appealing to some people here in Australia. That interesting thing is a range of ANZAC miniatures. I’ve never seen any miniatures for ANZACs before. There probably exist some form of models, designed to be put on display and nothing else, but these are minis designed to be played with in tabletop wargames.



These models are under the Vietnam section, and there are several groups of models. Before you start saying that ANZACs only existed in the First World War (which I thought was the case), I did the research and there were ANZACs in Vietnam. To quote Wikipedia:

“During the Vietnam War, two companies from the Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment were integrated into Royal Australian Regiment battalions. These integrated battalions had the suffix (ANZAC) added to their name (for example, 4 RAR became the 4RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion).”

This lot also make scenery as well, for 15mm or 28mm scale, that fit in well with the rest of the lines.

The Baker Company main page is here and the ANZACs page is here.


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