The Vault has Opened

There I sat, the smokey dank atmosphere of the tavern swirling around me, nursing a tall mug of ale, when my boss thumped down heavily into the other chair at my table. He had an excited look on his face as he slid me a piece of crumpled paper, greatly soiled and slightly sticky. I managed to flatten it out and read the front. Most of it was illegible to me, having been smeared with dirt, water or some other unidentifiable liquids but the words “Vault”, “Launch”, “Games” and “Prizes” were still legible. I was intrigued.

“Get along to that and take a look” my boss told me, a twinkle in his eye, “vaults always contain loot”. He tossed me a piece of clothing to wear that, I discovered later, was too big even for me (considering my substantial frame). I had the itch, I had to go to this event, this opening of a Vault and find out more…


And so I found myself outside the Contract Bridge Club in Woolloongabba, the hot sun already high in the sky, ready to game my way to oblivion.

Inside, cool air and a plethora of people greeted me. I was given a ticket and told that numerous prize draws would be held throughout the day. Free lootz? That is what I like to hear. I gazed around the venue, taking in the atmosphere, seeing many people already gaming at the abundance  of tables spread about the two large rooms. A table to one side strained under the weight of a staggering array of board games, somewhere in the vicinity of 300 I was told.

A voice rang out over the general hubbub; the proprietor was speaking. He introduced himself as Dylan Shearer, and informed us all of the multitude of events that would be happening throughout the day, such as the Magic: the Gathering Tournaments and Warhammer Battles. He also directed our attention to what he called “Indie Alley”, one side of the room lined with games developers and their creations. He wished us all a good time and encouraged us to get gaming.

I began investigating my surroundings, strolling nonchalantly about, greeting people and displaying my badge of office proudly upon my chest. I took notes, so as to relay my experience to others, as I browsed about the games on offer and took in the sights.

From one end of the Indie Alley, a call came out, beckoning me over to join the pitched battle already in progress. A competitor had fallen and I was wrangled in to take over the spot. The game afoot was Dragon Racer. An interesting game, pitting Riders against each other, to fly the farthest around the race track. The creator of the game, Myles O’Neill, was there to give me all the information I could want on the game. I listened intently and took note, for I planned to tell more of this game, but an in-depth review that will come at a later time.

Dragons, dragons everywhere, racing to and fro.

Dragons, dragons everywhere, racing to and fro.

After my experiences with Dragons, I moved back into the crowd, which had swelled considerably. More and more of the spread of tables were occupied, scores of people reveling in the heady environment of competition or co-operation.


The venue and its inhabitants. Even I grace the shot, though I shall not say which I am.

I was enticed to play a new version of an older game, Doomtown. Before now I have spoken of Living Card Games, a format that does not revolve around trading, all cards are equal with no value or rarity. Doomtown aims to be thus, and has started well. I enjoyed my romp into a steam-punkish, nightmare filled western world full of criminals and law keepers. The game was not mine that day, but that means I shall bring more fight to the next.

Later in the evening, I joined my partner for a rousing session of Role Playing. Blake Thomas took us for a thrilling ride into an alternate dimension where we were pursued at every turn and taken far from our places of comfort. Blake had been guiding folks through wonders untold throughout the day, taking them on a trip they would never forget.

And the Vault itself, I had almost forgotten, opened at multiple occasions during the day, presided over by its keepers. Each time it opened, another lucky soul got to reach in and extract a treasure, coming away with either coin to spend at the Vault Headquarters or a new game to try with their friends.

The Vault and its Keepers. But this is not the true Vault, see the bottom of this page for that information.

The Vault and its Keepers. But this is not the true Vault, see the bottom of this page for that information.

I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent at this gathering, as (I assume) most others did who came along. I plan to attend more of these events when they arise, and I suggest you all do the same.

Want to know more? Find it out below.

Vault Games: Facebook page and Website. They are an online store that sells a whole range of gaming products. They also will be having more events like this one in the future. Look at their Facebook page to find out more.

Dragon Racer: Website. Though the site is not completely up yet, it will be soon, as well as the Kickstarter for it. Look for my full review to come.

Doomtown: Want to know more about it? Go here to find out.

Did anyone else attend and wish to share their thoughts? Do so in the comments section below. Tell me what you most enjoyed about the day and any of the interesting and/or cool games you played.

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