Updates abound

Today (or possibly a few days ago) brings us a whole slew of updated tournament rules and FAQs for games from Fantasy Flight Games. These updates are for most of the LCGS and the Star Wars Miniatures game. If you want to keep up to date with any rules changes, questions about cards and things like that, then read up on these. I found out one of my Call of Cthulhu decks was horribly illegal, filled with many cards I shouldn’t have had. But now I know, I can change it all.

Below you will find links to the updated tournament rules and the updated FAQs. Something in there that you don’t like about changes in there? Voice your opinions below, and let everyone know.

Star Wars Miniatures – Tournament / FAQ

Call of Cthulhu – Tournament / FAQ

Android: Netrunner – Tournament / FAQ

Warhammer: Invasion – Tournament / FAQ

Star Wars LCG – Tournament / FAQ

A Game of Thrones – Tournament / FAQ


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