Unglued 2 – The Obligatory Article

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Before you get your hopes up, no, this article is not announcing a new Unglued set. Sad I know, yes, the Unglued and Unhinged sets were some of my more favourite sets (behind the first Mirrodin block, that was my absolute favourite). Though Wizards of the Coast never released a sequel to Unglued, they did design one called Unglued 2 – The Obligatory Sequel. The cards were never laid out, but all the information and artwork still exist. I should also mention, for those who don’t know what I am talking about, Unglued and Unhinged were the comedic sets for Magic: the Gathering. They were never legal in normal sanctioned tournaments, had grey borders instead of the normal black or white and were all very funny.

Wizards of the Coast has now released that information on the cards that never were, so we can all have a good laugh over them. Some of the jokes are dated, which is why they were never printed, but helpful explanatory blurbs accompany each card, some with videos to further explain the jokes. The full article is here, better to read it on the site than for me to muck around with trying to handle all the formatting hassles.

It would be quite cool to see another set like the Un- sets come out again, but I don’t know if Wizards of the Coast would go in that direction any more. I’ve put here below my favourite Un- card, Flock of Rabid Sheep from Unglued, mainly because of the bizarre flavour text.

Flock of Rabid Sheep.full

Let’s get some chatter going about this subject, list up your favourite Un- cards. And what do you think about Wizards of the Coast and the possibility of another Un- set or something similar? I know the two previous ones were popular if only for the full art basic lands that appeared in them.

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