Two decades and still strong

Magic: the Gathering is turning 20 this year, and to celebrate this, Wizards of the Coast is bringing out a new From the Vault box set.

The set will include 20 cards from the history of Magic: the Gathering, going all the way back right to the start of the game. The cards have been chosen with a couple things in mind, to represent a ‘block’ or MtG cards and to have appeared in a Pro Tour deck winner for that period. There are quite a few very recognisable cards in there, some of which I remember playing with myself, a fair while ago. Some large names include Dark Ritual, Swords to Plowshares, Wall of Blossoms and Chainer’s Edict. The big surprise to be featured in this set is Jace, the Mind Sculpter.










Some of the cards are using the original print art, some are using the art from later reprints, and some others are using all new never been in print art. This page here shows all the cards and has a whole lot of information on why the designer chose those specific cards. This page also has the Pro Tour deck list that it came from. As a special bonus, there is an interview right at the bottom from Ale Parrish, the first person to win the first DCI sanctioned event ever held.

This would be a very good thing to get your hands onto, so if you can, contact your LGS and see when they will get these and pick one up for yourself, I know a lot of others will be.

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