Twisted – A NEW steampunk miniatures game


Are you looking for a new miniature game to fill the void?

Do you like the steampunk aesthetic?

Do you enjoy Malifaux but dislike the lack of contact points in the figures?

Do you like to support local talent?

Then look no further than the Twisted miniatures game!

Five days ago, at the time of writing, Melbourne duo “Peter & Sebastian” of Demented Games (Sebatian Archer originally from Guild of Harmony miniatures) went live on Kickstarter with their first tabletop game – Twisted. The project has taken off and currently has 319% of its funding.

So what’s the big deal? Firstly, it’s an Aussie product that looks like it could be huge if momentum is kept up. Secondly Sebastian Archer needs more recognition for his sculpting talent – I’ve only purchased one of his sculpts but I can attest that it was just as beautiful and detailed as the image made it out to be.

Thirdly, the game itself looks like it could be hugely entertaining. Also note that Peter sought guidance from Jake Thornton (freelance game designer for companies such as Games Workshop and Mantic – Dungeon Saga being the latest).

The game, from what I’ve read, looks to flow in a similar manner to Malifaux: Create a crew / warband and alternate activations of crew members whom each have a limited amount of ‘Action Points’ to move, interact with objectives and fight. So that’s solid.

The figures though, phwoar! “Mint” as some folk say.

Released in the 32mm scale, the figures are afforded a little more detail than those of the more popular 28mm. Each miniature, from the smallest to the largest, has awesome definition, dynamism and most importantly, character.

They are due to be released in metal with individually purchased figures released in resin.


twisted figures

Leaders of their respective factions – both look like they’d be great managers to work for :/

The Kickstarter has two main factions in the game so far:

  • The Dickensians, a gang of pickpockets
  • The Servants of the Engine, robotic pawns created by The Engine (the main antagonist of the game)

There is also a third faction in development, “The Egyptians”, who are a bunch of archaeologists who’ve awakened the steampunk form of the Egyptian god Set. Not much info has been released on this group but they sound interesting – these fellas are set to be released three to six months after the core game is out.

Lastly, Demented games are working with CNC Workshop to create the word of Twisted and available to purchase within the Kickstarter are some unique looking, stylised terrain: Houses, bridges, stairs, walkways and lamp posts. This terrain is made of MDF so it’s nice and sturdy but assembly could pose a problem if instructions are not clear. We’ll have to wait and see.



What Twisted could look like on your game table if you bought a bajillion terrain sets


So if you’re looking for another distraction from your current miniature projects, or want to jump in to a brand new game from its release or even just want some super pretty miniatures to paint up (or like many of us, keep in boxes in the hope of “getting around to them” in the future) – get in now while the Kickstarter is still live as prices will be at their lowest.

Kickstarter link:


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