Top 5 Board Game Picks for Easter!

Looking to settle down with friends and/or family this long weekend for some board games? Here are my top board game picks for Easter!

  1. Smash Up + Expansions

Smash Up

Providing limitless possibilities, Smash Up gives players creative freedom over which combinations of cards to win the game with. Created by the Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG), this is a board game about drafting two faction decks together and competing to win 15 victory points by claiming bases. Each player chooses two factions and combines them into a unique 40 card deck containing minions and actions. Using these, each player advances their power level on bases through their card’s strengths, abilities, minion and action removal. When the requirements of a base are met, it destroys itself and the player with the highest power level on that base wins its victory points while others get sloppy seconds!

8 expansions available and over 30 unique factions means its replayability is through the roof! Definitely would pick this up along with a few expansions to explore the experiment with the field!



  1. Flash Point

Flash PointIf you like working towards a common interest then Flash Point would be a great choice to start with! A purely cooperative game by Kevin Lanzing, Flashpoint puts players in the shoes of firefighters; their duty to save civilians from the wrath of a rampant house fire. The firefighters have their own unique abilities and when working together are able to extinguish flames while simultaneously helping people and animals to safety. However, this is only momentary, as flames spike up again in hotspots causing flames in the form of consecutive dice rolls. Once a roll hits an area of the board already on fire, an explosion occurs, destroying the walls, blowing out doors and claiming precious lives. The goal is to save a total of 7 civilians before the fire collapses the house or 4 civilian lives are lost.

Winning this game to me is very rewarding due to its challenging nature. On top of the base game, Flashpoint has multiple expansions available: Urban Structures, 2nd Story, Dangerous Waters, Extreme Danger, Veteran & Rescue Dog, Honor and Duty. Otherwise, starting off with the original is a good break for family and friends tired of butting heads to emerge as the winner.



  1. Deception: Murder in Hong KongDeception: Murder in Hong Kong

This might be a little daunting at first glance but I can tell you it is entertaining enough to play a game or two. Published by Grey Fox Games, you and your family collaborate together as investigators to solve the method of and cause for murder by relying on the clues provided by the Forensic Scientist. Seems easy enough, except the killer is secretly one of the investigators trying to mislead the case.

The player acting as the Forensic Scientist knows the solution, providing it in the form of choice titles to leave for the investigators to correctly interpret. The game goes through several rounds of discussion and ends when the murder method and cause are solved. This board game definitely make you think and sometimes, the obvious solution might not always be the case. Pick up your copy now at the official Grey Fox Games website!



  1. QuoridorQuoridor

A two to four player board game similar to chess except instead of having a variety of pieces, you and your opponents only have access to walls and a single pawn. Created by Mirko Marchesi and published by GiGaMic, players in Quoridor each have a pawn that can move forwards, backwards and sideways to make their way from one side to another. However, players can use corridors to block their opponents path, making them go the long way around.  A simple and refreshing board game that’s fun for family and friends alike and should be a definite pick up!




  1. Sabetour

From rags to riches, Saboteur by Frederic Moyersoen is a semi-cooperative game that will Saboteurleave you mining for more than you’ve bargained for. Players create their way by placing path cards that lead towards one of three possible points that may contain treasure. One player acts as the saboteur while the others are gnomes working together to find the location of the treasure. The saboteur’s goal is to cause as much chaos as possible so that they can obtain gold for themselves whereas the gnomes work together so they can split the treasure with each other. The player that accumulates the most gold after 3 rounds of Saboteur wins the game while equal gold results in a tie.

Saboteur is a board game that has a quick play time and accommodates 3 to 10 people at a time. A good easygoing pick up if you are expecting a large group of people to show up during Easter!


On top of my given picks, I’ve included some honorable mentions that have caught my eye over the past few days.

These board games include:

Project Airlock by Fishbox Games LLC

Project AirlockSurvive the voyage back to your home planet as you work together with your crew mates to keep your spaceship intact from environmental hazards, hull breaches and the antics of a secret saboteur.




Grimm Forest by Druid City Games

Grimm ForestThe folklore tale of the Three Little Pigs is retold in the Grimm Forest; a board game that pits you against your friends to build three houses the fastest out of straw, wood or brick while avoiding creatures seeking to unravel your efforts.




SpaceTeam by Timber and Bolt LLC

Space Team

The imminent impact of a Black Hole has your spaceship in disarray and you must quickly repair it with your friends and family before 5 minutes is up! Survive with everyone together as you fight through environmental damage, anomalies in space and find spaceship parts through symbol recognition and simply yelling out what you need.




Now that you are fully prepared, you won’t hear any complaints of having little to do on this Easter weekend! Hope you’ve all enjoyed this article and if you would like to see more, follow our Facebook and Patreon for the latest updates! Happy Easter everyone!

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