Time doubles as the spin cycles down

As the Spin Clycle for Android: Netrunner winds down to an end, Fantasy Flight Games has put up an announcement for the 6th and final Data Pack, Double Time. I’ve fallen out of sorts with Netrunner recently, so this article won’t be overtly long, and I’m not really aware if the cards are good these days.

This announcement shows off a few of the new cards, the one below looks to compliment one of the newer Identities that came out in one of the previous sets, Reina Roja. Queens Gambit could be used in a number of different wants, depending on how sneaking someone is or what else they have in hand that could make the situation work, but I don’t know if two ticks are worth 6 credits. But then again, if something already had advancement tokens on it, and you make more, you could get more than 6 credits, such if you target a Project Junebug or similar, possibly after infiltrating it.

There are a few more mentioned in the post, so go on over and have a look. There seem to be a few of these “Double” events, that require more than one tick to use. Give your ideas on what we have seen so far, even if it isn’t much, in the comments below.

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