The Weekly Poke-roundup! Saturday 6th-Sunday 7th of July

IMG_0216As always, Pokemon makes itself into the weekly ritual of all of our lives and tends to engulf our weekends to the point of no return. Last weekend being no exception as Pokemon around Brisbane continued well on into Sunday afternoon.  The usual Saturday begins with Fastbreak Sports, a store located in Nundah that has been a part of the Pokemon community for a long time.  The kids are always out in force and I was lucky enough to meet several new players and teach them a little about how to play the game.  As for the big kids, their days are spent playing and collecting badges while they  banter about which card they prefer for the most of the day. Not too long after the Saturday’s at Fastbreak many people take the opportunity to go on a small drive from Nundah to Game Traders Chermside.  This spot for Pokemon players is certainly up and coming but after being there for several weeks in a row it continues to grow and grow every week.  Weekly tournaments are held at Game Traders on Saturday’s that provide you with free entry and are certainly a great starting point for up and coming players.

If, after an entire Saturday of Pokemon playing you are still not Satisfied then I hope that you will be heading to Gauntlet for any number of events that happen each weekend!  This past weekend, we were lucky enough to run a draft of Pokemon TCG: Plasma Freeze and came away with some great prizes. As always, after the event each member was asked whether or not they enjoyed themselves and was met with 9/9 yes! Each weekend, myself or Frank Brown another writer for BTGN will be at Gauntlet and I hope to see you all there!

This coming week will once again feature everything you see above as well as 2 interviews from the winners of this weekends local player’s tournaments. All of that and more can be expected on BTGN this time next week so I hope you check back regularly for more Pokemon news!


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