The return of Diskwars

Back in 1999, Fantasy Flight Games released a game called Diskwars, created by Christian T. Petersen and Tom Jolly. It was a tabletop miniatures wargame, but used cardboard disks instead of plastic, resin or metal miniatures. It was also a collectible game, taking inspiration from games like Magic: the Gathering, so that meant randomised purchasing. The rules for the game were pretty simple, and the movement system for the game is quite unique (more on this later). I’m not sure when it happened, but this game has been discontinued.

However, Fantasy Flight Games likes to bring things back sometimes. They brought back Arkham Horror, a most brilliant game, and now they are bringing back Diskwars, but this time, slightly different.

Fantasy Flight Games already had the rights to produce games based in the Warhammer Universe, because of the Warhammer living card game. They have brought it forward again now with Warhammer: Diskwars. The game is based on the old one, same style of table top wargame with cardboard disks. But it uses the already existing world and Lore to bring the players in. While I might not be too happy with the pricing structure and some of the business strategies that Games Workshop use, I cannot deny they have crafted a very rich and involved world where all these games take place.

This game could very well appeal to those who might have an interest in table top wargaming but do not have the funds to do so, or do not have the inclination to paint a whole bunch of miniatures. FFG have also moved the game away from the random element that the old Diskwars had employed and have moved it onto a track very similar to its LCGs, a starting core set with everything inside to play and (I assume) expansions later on. The game is for 2 – 4 players and has been designed to play in an hour or less. Setup looks to be quick, since there isn’t all that much involved. So unlike a normal table top wargame, you can get in, have a game and out in less than 90 mins, whereas sometimes it took me almost that long just to set up for a traditional wargame.

The game is due out first quarter 2014. Announcement page here, and description page here. Go to the second link if you want to learn more about the disk mechanics and so on.

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